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Hire a Professional for Fireplace or Stove Installation

A fireplace or stove that is incorrectly installed usually costs the owner a lot of money in the long run Read more

Get Your Fireplace & Chimney in Shape for the Holidays

The holidays seem to come around faster every year, and this year is no exception. If you’ll be using a Read more

The Effects Chimney Fires Have on Your Chimney

A shocking number of homeowners in the Midwest have a fire-damaged chimney. According to a Midwest Chimney Safety Council poll, Read more

Is There a Problem in My Fireplace Smoke Chamber?

The smoke chamber is the most overlooked chimney component. Some chimney sweeps even miss it during their inspection since it’s Read more

Recent Advancements in Fireplaces

Buying a fireplace is similar to most other purchases – it involves a lot of research when you need to Read more

Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance

Fireplaces and chimneys need regular maintenance, just like a car. Neglecting to keep up with it can be as dangerous Read more

What is a Fireplace Lintel?

Are you wondering if the lintel bar above your firebox is necessary? This bar extends over the top of the Read more

Keep Your Fireplace Running Great for Years To Come

While we all know the fireplaces we buy and use on a daily basis need some TLC once in a Read more

The Effects of Crumbly Chimney Masonry

Nothing lasts forever. We often forget that this axiom is as true for chimneys as anything else. Masonry fireplaces are built Read more

Solar Energy FAQs

The cost of converting a home to solar energy has dropped dramatically over the last ten years, and its popularity Read more

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