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How A Fireplace Insert Can Save You Money 

With the arrival of fall comes colder nights and more use of your heater. Your masonry fireplace may seem like Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Fireplace And An Insert?

If you’re considering adding a fireplace to your home, you may have questions about your options. A traditional, wood burning Read more

Reasons Your Chimney Smells

Does your chimney or fireplace have a foul odor? Does it only smell when it rains or in the hot Read more

Keep Your Chimney in Tip-Top Shape This Summer

Like the song says, “Summer is here, and the time is right”; not for dancing in the streets but for Read more

Summer Fireplace Myths You Need To Know

Don’t get caught up in all the myths about fireplaces. There are many avenues that you can research the care Read more

What Chimney Stains Mean and What to Do About Them

If you have stains on the exterior of your chimney, it may be something to have checked out right away. Read more

Parts Of Your Fireplace & Chimney To Know

Depending on the type of chimney you have, there may be different parts and components. A wood burning, masonry chimney Read more

How Summer Storms Can Damage Your Chimney

Many Wisconsin residents know all too well just how quickly intense downpours can cause damage to their homes. Whether it’s Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Efflorescence

Do you see white deposits covering your chimney? If so, that’s called efflorescence, and in this post, we’ll look at Read more

Why Now Is The Best Time For Chimney Repairs

Is there anything more cozy than relaxing next to a warm fire when it’s snowing outside? Our homes keep us Read more

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