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We hope to provide you with lots of interesting content about Hearth Products like fireplaces, stoves and fireplaces inserts along with articles about safety and care of your chimney systems. Burlington Fireplace & Solar will also be posting information about Solar Energy for Southeastern Wisconsin residents and businesses.
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Tips on Using a Fireplace for the First Time

There’s a difference between using a wood-burning fireplace that hasn’t been used in two weeks and one that hasn’t been used in two years – or one that you, personally, have never used.  Here are some things you’ll want to know in either of the latter two cases. When you move into a new but previously occupied home that has a fireplace, the […]

Fire Prevention Week! Plan TWO Ways Out

When there is a fire in the home, every second counts.  According to fire officials, you have less than two minutes to escape a burning home for ultimate safety. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to get out in time. There were more than 3,000 deaths, including nearly 300 children less than 14 years of age from house fires in 2015 alone, according to U.S. […]

How to decide if Solar Panels are a Good Option for Your Home

So you want to eliminate your monthly electric bills and think solar panels are the way to go. Once an exclusive club belonging to the adventurous few, solar panel installations is heating up and this once cutting-edge technology has made its way into the mainstream. In 2016, more than 2,500 megawatts of residential photovoltaic (PV) systems were installed, the largest number of residential solar panel installations in […]

Top to Bottom Chimney Parts

To look at a chimney, you wouldn’t think there was much going on.  But there’s more than meets the eye.  Chimneys may look a little crude, but they’re pretty sophisticated devices, employing a number of physics and mathematical disciplines to do a single job: safely channel smoke from a fireplace to the outdoors. The reason it’s important to know a little about your chimney and its various parts is […]

How to Prepare your Fireplace for the Winter Season

With cooler weather ahead, many of us are looking forward to the soothing comfort and warmth of their fireplace this winter. No matter where you reside in the great state of WI, it is important to prepare your fireplace for the winter fire season. Inspect and clean the Chimney Your chimney is an important safety barrier protecting your home and family from fire […]

The Impact of Solar Panels on Home Resale Value

With the cost of energy rising and the cost of solar panels dropping significantly, the idea of becoming energy independent and reducing their carbon footprint is something that many homeowners have a desire to achieve. Home resale value While going solar is now more attainable than ever before, many homeowners are asking does installing solar panels increase the value of my home? […]

How Chimney Caps Protect Your Home and Enhance its Visual Appeal

A lot of components go into a fully functional fireplace and chimney system.  One component that’s often overlooked is the chimney cap, which sits atop the opening of the chimney and serves several purposes.  It’s never advised to operate a fireplace without a chimney cap in place, so if your chimney doesn’t have one, here’s some information you need to know. 5 reasons to install […]

Gas Fireplace Maintenance before Fall

Although gas fireplaces are known for efficient clean burning fuel, they do need to be regularly maintained just like any other type of heating appliance. There are a variety of components including the burner, logs and grate, that can become damaged, clogged or wear out during normal use. Also, particles of soot can build-up on the surfaces inside the firebox, on the doors […]

How Much Can I Save on Solar?

Investing in solar is not only good for the environment, but it’s good for your wallet too. Rising utility costs and renewable energy tax credits are fueling an increase in solar consumption. In fact, solar consumption in the U.S. doubled during the three year period between 2013 and 2016, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).   Also, the City of South Miami recently became […]

What You Need to Know if You’ve Never Owned a Gas Fireplace

People buy gas fireplaces for several reasons, but the most popular reason is the efficient heat these units bring to a home.  If you’re thinking of purchasing a new gas fireplace – or converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas – here are some things you should know about these great heating appliances. Say goodbye to hassle Unlike their wood-burning counterparts, gas fireplaces are easy […]

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