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Why Choose An Outdoor Fireplace?

You may be wondering why an outdoor fireplace is necessary if you have one inside. Well, the environment gives a Read more

Enjoy Your Outdoor Kitchen During The Winter  

You made the investment to build an outdoor kitchen. You have been loving it during the spring and summer months, Read more

Unlocking the Power of Wood Stove Ashes

Many Wisconsinites use a wood-burning stove for economical winter heating. The wood-burning process produces byproducts like smoke, soot, and creosote Read more

The Benefits of Using a Fireplace Insert

There’s no question that a fire adds a certain coziness to any home in the chillier months. While traditional wood-burning Read more

How To Get Rid Of The Fireplace Smell

 You love your fireplace. It burns great. You get hours of enjoyment from it. But periodically there is an odor Read more

Creosote Build-Up: Risks and Solutions

Creosote is a natural by-product of fires in homes around the world. It is emitted into the air as fire Read more

The Role of Chimney Caps in Winter Weather

As the winter winds howl and snow blankets the landscapes of southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, many homeowners find comfort Read more

The Literary Legacy of Flames and Hearth 

What would we have done if a fire didn’t inspire songs? We wouldn’t have lyrics like “Oh, the weather outside Read more

Chimney Safety for Homes with Children

Gathering around the fireplace is a holiday tradition for many families in Burlington, WI, Waukegan, IL, and surrounding areas. Fireplaces Read more

The Benefits of a Well-Insulated Chimney

Have you wondered why a draft seems to happen pretty frequently when enjoying a fire at home? It’s likely related Read more

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