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Chimney Stains? Here’s What They Mean

Most homeowners expect the sun to cause their chimneys’ vibrant color to fade over the years but what they do Read more

Dangerous Characteristics of a Neglected Chimney

As spring arrives, you may not think much about your fireplace, even less about its chimney, but now is when Read more

Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspections

An annual chimney inspection may be the last thing you want to think about. It’s not uncommon for chimneys to Read more

Fresh Fireplace Trends 2022

When it comes to fireplace trends, we’ve heard and seen it all. We’ve got the inside track to what people Read more

How Water Affects Your Chimney

In a word or two, rather poorly.  Keep in mind that your chimney’s exterior is likely made from brick or Read more

The Types of Wood Stoves

So you’re building a new home or remodeling your older one, and you’ve toyed with the idea of adding a Read more

Chimney Rebuilding vs. Repointing

In the world of chimney repair, there are many terms that get thrown around, sometimes interchangeably. It can make things Read more

How Long Can You Run A Gas Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are notoriously easier to maintain than traditional fireplaces, but you may be wondering, even though it’s gas, how Read more

Winter Chimney Risks in Wisconsin

The first snowfall of the season has an undeniably magical feeling, especially when you can watch it fall beside a Read more

How a Chimney Cap Installation Can Save You Money

Have you ever had to call pest control to remove a critter from your chimney? Or been concerned about wet Read more

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