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We hope to provide you with lots of interesting content about Hearth Products like fireplaces, stoves and fireplaces inserts along with articles about safety and care of your chimney systems. Burlington Fireplace & Solar will also be posting information about Solar Energy for Southeastern Wisconsin residents and businesses.
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What Is Re-Burn Technology (Secondary Combustion)

“How does that work?” you might ask, as you watch the dark orange, almost red rolling flames cook inside a new wood-burning fireplace or insert. The flames hover and almost dance on their way up and out the flue, providing the owner with not only a small show, but the heat and warmth they expect. The technology is both simple but technically […]

How to Safely Start Using an Old Fireplace

If your old fireplace could talk, it may have enlightening stories to tell, not the least of which is that it’s not currently safe to use! Depending on how old your home is, it’s sometimes impossible to know for sure whether your fireplace is at all functional. If your home was built in the late […]

Types of Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps are essential for proper function of your chimney. The flue opening goes straight down into your home unprotected, that is, until a much-needed accessory is added. There are two basic types of covers for the flue. There is the smaller, less expensive “Chimney Flue Cap” which only covers the flue opening, and there […]

A Few Fabulous Ways to Upgrade your Fireplace

When it’s cold outside, a fireplace might have high value for the cozy ambiance it brings or it may cause frustration for the minimal heat it provides. During the rest of the year, a fireplace’s structural flaws or outdated appearance may become apparent. It’s possible, however, to enjoy your fireplace year-round by boosting its eye […]

Why Does My Fireplace Have Drafting Problems?

If your chimney draft isn’t working right, it’s important to find out what’s causing the problem. Combustion smoke is dangerously toxic and yet one of the most common reasons homeowners contact chimney sweeps is because of a smoky fireplace. The following information could help you figure out why your fireplace has drafting problems. Ultimately, if […]

5 Simple Ways to Get More Heat Out of Your Fireplace

There is something about a wood-burning fireplace that brings families and friends closer together. But as is the case with traditional fireplaces, they are more about aesthetics than function. They aren’t an efficient source of heat. Most of the heat is lost through the chimney along with smoke, soot, and exhaust. But it doesn’t have […]

Signs Your Chimney Is Failing

With the recent official arrival of winter, chimneys everywhere are being used for the first time in a while. It may seem the most natural of things, but it can be risky to light a fireplace when the chimney hasn’t been professionally maintained. Chimney components often fail. Obstructions in a chimney are common, too. If […]

How to Fix a Gas Fireplace That Keeps Going Out

After months of looking forward to firing up their gas fireplace in winter, homeowners sometimes discover their heating appliance won’t light! It’s frustrating and can also be an ill-timed repair cost, in which case a bit of troubleshooting is called for. Gas problems often require the attention of experts, such as NFI-certified chimney experts. If […]

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Fireplace!

If your fireplace is outdated, unsightly, or smoky, you can have a fireplace upgrade that ushers it into the 21st century. The changes you make can transform your fireplace into an efficient heat source and an eye-pleasing centerpiece in your home. You may be surprised to learn about the many possibilities available to you today […]

Never burn These Things in Your Fireplace Or WoodStove

The weather this fall has already been plenty cold enough to enjoy fires in your fireplace or woodstove. Be sure everyone in the household knows what should and shouldn’t be added to the flames. It can seem harmless to toss certain flammable items onto a fire, but it’s actually only safe to burn seasoned firewood. […]

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