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Solar Panel Installation

When you drive by our store on Milwaukee Avenue in Burlington WI it is hard to miss our HUGE commitment to Solar Energy. We have installed a 6.5 KW ground mounted, 24 module solar array right out in front of our store. This installation should provide the bulk of our electric needs for the entire store year round!

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Burlington Fireplace & Solar is a complete one-stop store dedicated to designing & installing photovoltaic solar panel systems for both residential and commercial applications. With careful preparation and by using only high-quality and respected products, our solar installations are meant to stand the test of time.

Through solar MREA training courses and installing systems for the past 5 years, our team has become accustomed to and comfortable working on solar PV installations of any type or size. Our own generating system, completed in June of 2015, displays our commitment as we invest more into our solar division

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How Do I Get Started with Solar Power for My Home or Business?

Discussing and eventually investing into solar energy isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems. To explain how the process works, and how a typical project gets completed, its best described in 4 genuinely easy steps:

Solar Install Site Visit & Shading Analysis

If you’re wondering if solar is a good fit for you, we always recommend an initial site visit. These visits commonly cover all of the solar basics – location, budget, electrical needs, and more. Ideally, solar locations want to face south, and they need full sun to be effective 75% or more of each day. Detailed shading analysis can be done with specialized tools on a follow-up visit.

Solar Energy System Design & Quote

After an initial visit and your electrical needs and wants are described, the information gathered from a shading analysis can be used to create a detailed financial breakdown of your potential system. By combining this analysis with a formal quote, we again meet to discuss whether or not the system makes sense for you.

Solar System Installation

Once you decide to proceed with a solar installation, the real work begins. Applications, permits, and other financial paperwork get filled out and the project comes to life. Once the materials arrive, the project gets scheduled in conjunction with a licensed electrician. From there, the size of the system determines how long it takes to install, from just a few days to several weeks.

electric photovoltaic solar panels on roof of home in waukesha wisconsin

Solar Array for Power Generation

After the modules are hung and the electrician connects your system to its desired source, we can formally call for system commissioning from your utility company. (If your system is off-grid, this won’t be necessary) After testing your system, they will give the okay and finally your system will be fully-functional. Lastly, other final touches will be made to make sure your system runs well and you understand how it works for peace-of-mind.

We understand everybody’s application is different and everybody has a unique set of ideas and needs, so we are welcome to accommodate these requests. No project is too small or too big and we are willing to work with you to find a system that meets your needs.

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