Why You Need An Outdoor Fireplace

Why Choose An Outdoor Fireplace?

You may be wondering why an outdoor fireplace is necessary if you have one inside. Well, the environment gives a completely different feel indoors and outdoors. For example, outdoor fires occur in the summer, but indoor fireplaces are utilized mainly in the winter. So why not consider an outdoor fireplace if you haven’t before!

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Lucky for you, many interior solutions are also available for your backyard. Gas or wood-burning, you choose! You can choose from many materials, colors, and styles to match any desired aesthetic. 

Here are 5 of the Main Benefits of An Outdoor Fireplace

Help create a romantic or cozy environment.

You and your partner may be itching for new date night idea. Why not take date night to the backyard? A new backyard environment can be the perfect place. Even if you’re not interested in date night, it’s the perfect environment for a cozy evening at home. 

More area to build your look.

Your home aesthetic is something people pick up on. It’s easy to build this look on your interior, but exterior may be a bit more difficult. With a fireplace, you have the freedom to build to whatever style — modern, traditional, etc. Consider your options and see what style matches your home’s look best. 

Perfect for an outdoor hosting oasis.

Some people love to host — parties, get togethers, kid’s sleepovers. No matter what it is, there seems to always be people over. In the summer, it’s natural to gravitate outside. Why not add a centerpiece to your yard that doubles as a natural heating fixture and s’mores maker? Consider a double-sided see-through fireplace for a 360-degree fire experience for guests. 

Interested in cooking? Why not take the kitchen outside!

Of course, s’mores can be made in traditional fire pits. However, that’s just the beginning of what you could make outside if you got an outdoor fireplace. You can even make homemade wood-fired pizza! Stick a grate on there, and you can make many things you could otherwise make on the grill. Impress your friends and families with wood-fired dishes.

Not a Fan Of Insects? (Who is?)

Unfortunately, the summer comes with our least favorite visitors: mosquitos. An otherwise lovely evening could be ruined by itchy bumps and cut short because of it! Wouldn’t it be nice to easily deter these insects? Wood burning fireplaces emit fumes that insects dislike which means they’ll be less apt to bother you!

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Ready To Add An Outdoor Fireplace To Your House?

If you’re in the Burlington area, call Burlington Fireplace to schedule an appointment to install one today! You can reach our experienced team at 262-763-3522. We expertly service customers throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, including Sturtevant, WI; Union Grove, WI; Des Plaines, IL; and Rockford, IL. You can also contact us online for a free estimate and to get the job started. No matter if you’re interested in installing a new outdoor fireplace or maintaining an existing one, no job is too big for us.

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