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Wood Burning Inserts

You will see our colorfully marked trucks driving to install Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts in the Milwaukee area including towns like Kenosha WI, Lake Geneva WI, Elkhorn WI, Beloit WI, Pewaukee WI, and Cedarburg WI.

wood fireplace insert in Pleasant Prairie WIReal wood burning fires produce a wonderful aroma and visual display that is hard to beat, but did you know that an open wood-burning fireplace is a terribly inefficient appliance? Actually, an open wood-burning fireplace only has a heating efficiency of approximately 5% to 10%. These types of fireplaces will actually remove more energy than they produces on cold, winter days. Most of the heat the fire produces escapes straight up the chimney instead of entering the house. Wood inserts have become more and more popular as our customers look for more heat out of their existing fireplace. A typical wood insert can produce as much heat in some cases as a wood stove can. There are many sizes that will fit into existing fireplaces with little or no modifications.

If you want to give your fireplace a fresh make-over and turn it into an efficient heating appliance, install a wood burning fireplace insert. When you install one of these wood inserts, your heating efficiencies can jump by 70%. Enjoy the beauty of a traditional wood burning fire but leave the inefficiencies behind! Stop by our showroom to view our wood burning inserts today.

It can cost a lot of money to heat a house. Heating costs are constantly on the rise and because of this, wood burning appliances are increasing in popularity. Fireplace inserts can lower heating costs and increase efficiencies while providing a cozy atmosphere for your home.

Burlington Fireplace & Heating has a showroom that contains over 30 burning displays, so make the drive to view our selection of beautiful wood inserts and get your questions answered by our knowledge able professional staff. You’re sure to find a model that meets all of your requirements and will become the centerpiece to your living space at home.

wood insert install in Burlington WIWhether you are looking for modern, rustic, or traditional styles, Burlington Fireplace & Heating has you covered. Our wood burning fireplace inserts come in a number of styles, shapes, and sizes and are designed for ultimate convenience and ease-of-use. Wood inserts put all the control in the hands of the homeowner since the fire is contained. Heat output and airflow can be easily manipulated with the variable speed fans and tightly sealed ceramic glass doors.
We know you love the beauty and charm of your old fireplace, but we can help you turn it into an effective heating appliance while maintaining the integrity of its uniqueness and beauty. These easy-to-use inserts will produce wonderful and cozy heat with the added benefit of an inexpensive heat source. Stop fretting over large heating bills during the cold weather months. Turn down the wall thermostat heat your home the natural and efficient way; with a beautiful real wood fire.

Modern wood burning inserts have unparalleled efficiency. New technology and designs have improved these appliances over the years, making them extremely effective heat sources. Made with steel or cast iron, these unique stoves without legs fit perfectly into a preexisting masonry or prefabricated fireplace. Once installed, your chimney will be relined with a six inch stainless steel pipe to rout out combustible by products. Choose from decorative panels that will surround the rest of the open fireplace turning it into a high efficiency heating machine. Wood burning inserts provide significantly more heat by using less wood while fewer emissions are released into the air thanks to the secondary burn tubes. Drive down to our showroom and find out how to enjoy a real fire without the inefficiencies of an open burning fireplace.

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