Put An End To A Smelly Fireplace | Causes of Foul Chimney Odors

How To Get Rid Of The Fireplace Smell

 You love your fireplace. It burns great. You get hours of enjoyment from it. But periodically there is an odor that you can’t identify. You think you have done everything right, but still, there is a smell that you just can’t get rid of.  

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There are several reasons your fireplace may emit smells.  Let’s dive into a few. 

Leaves and Debris Collection

As the weather changes, leaves start to fall from the trees. Chances are that some are getting into your chimney. As leaves attach to the inside of your chimney they sit and decay. The decay of leaves and sticks can send off unpleasant smells. Contact Burlington Fireplace to schedule a chimney sweep if you are experiencing smells. They will help eliminate any debris that may be causing the smell. 

Creosote Buildup

Over time, creosote and soot build up on the inside of your chimney. This is quite common with wood-burning fireplaces. If you have several fires throughout the fire-burning season, you will have this buildup. It is a natural occurrence for creosote to build up in the chimney. Don’t be alarmed. If you do start to smell a wood-burning smell when you are not having a fire, you may have a build-up. You should consider a source to have this removed. The creosote buildup can be removed. Contact Burlington Fireplace and schedule a chimney sweep. 

Moisture In The Chimney

If your chimney is not protected from the elements, water may be getting in. The collection of moisture brings a certain smell as well.  Once water gets into your chimney mold spores start to grow. If a chimney is not cleaned out regularly the mold can grow to the point where it is out of control. Mold can be unhealthy if breathed in. Contact Burlington Fireplace to schedule your yearly chimney sweep. The sweep will take care of any mold that has accumulated in the chimney. A chimney cap may be helpful in keeping your chimney and fireplace dry. 

Whether the smell is from a build-up of creosote or water in your chimney, Burlington Fireplace can help. We have the experience to take care of any issue that you may have. Our technicians are available to consult you. We can discuss other options that will protect the life of your chimney and fireplace as well. Whether it is a chimney cap, flashing, liner, crown and damper, we are here to help.

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