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Pellet Burning Stoves

Our fireplace technicians service and install Pellet Burning Stoves all across the SE Wisconsin area from Kenosha to Janesville, Milwaukee to Fort Atkinson, Glendale to Waukesha and west to Jefferson County.

pellet stove install in Janesville WIPellet stoves offer all of the benefits & heat of burning wood, but with a twist. Pellet stoves are a “green” heating appliance that will warm your home by burning a clean fuel source. Not only are pellet stoves easy to maintain, they use a renewable resource that would otherwise end up in a landfill making them an environmentally friendly choice. These appliances will also help you save on your heating bill. Come browse our large selection of pellet stoves and talk with our experts who are ready to answer all of your questions. Burlington Fireplace & Heating serves all the residents of Milwaukee County, Racine County, Washington County, Kenosha County, Walworth County, Ozaukee County, Waukesha County, Rock County, and Glendale County, so make the short drive down to our showroom and find the perfect pellet stove for your home.

Let our professional stove technicians inform you on all of the latest pellet stoves, pellet inserts, and accessories, then complete the installation quickly and accurately in your home. A pellet stove needs to be installed correctly since there is an L-vent pipe that is used to properly vent the appliance. This pipe is made from stainless steel and is typically 4 inches in diameter. The vent pipe for a pellet stove can be installed vertically through the roof or horizontally through an exterior wall. Our experienced & trained professionals will gladly determine the proper installation technique for your new pellet stove in your home so your appliance is up and running in no time.

Why Choose a Pellet Stove

If you want to help the environment and reduce the impact and amount of waste sent to landfills, pellet stoves are the perfect options. Pellet fuel is a renewable heating source and is made from saw dust, wood chips and bark. Pellets are created from materials left behind from wood mills and other processes. These pellets are turned into a usable and affordable heating fuel which any homeowner can feel easy about. Plus, since you are not bringing wood into your home, there will be no insects, dirt, or bark to make a mess. Not to mention, pellets take up much less space than wood and logs. An entire winter’s supply of pellets for an average-sized house takes up a space approximately 6’ x 6’ x 6’. You can store your pellets in a dry area in your basement, utility room, or shed. Save money on your heating bill by using your pellet stove to zone-heat your home. Heat only the most popular spots in your home and stop wasting your money heating your entire house when only two or three rooms are used consistently.

lopi pellet stove install in Burlington WIChoosing Your Pellets

While there are two different grades of pellets made, standard & premium, it is recommended that you only use premium grade pellets in your pellet stove. Premium grade pellets account for about 95% of all pellets produced. There are a number of brands of premium pellets available, and each brand of pellet contains different types of woods, binders, and levels of additives or saw dust. It is best to choose a pellet that offers low ash content and high heat output. Also, too much bark or too many additives in pellets may clog the stove so be aware of this when selecting your pellet type. Generally, the darker the pellet, the more bark the pellet contains. You should typically burn pellets that are lighter in color, although some pellet appliances are made to burn bark more effectively than others. To learn more about the various types of pellets and to experience a pellet stove in person, stop by our showroom and talk to our pellet experts.

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