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The Benefits of Using a Fireplace Insert

There’s no question that a fire adds a certain coziness to any home in the chillier months. While traditional wood-burning fireplaces provide a unique charm and authenticity, there are several other options that provide additional benefits. You can choose from a wood-burning insert or explore our electric options. A big one: ease and convenience. Fireplace inserts have grown in population as of late, which means features and options have improved.

Fireplace insert installation in Burlington,WI.Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of making a shift to fireplace inserts.

Increase Efficiency

Arguably, the top benefit is that inserts provide an increase in efficiency. They can be as efficient as 80% compared to the 5-10% homeowners with traditional fireplaces experience. This can help to quickly heat the room you’re in while elongating the burn if you’re using real firewood. This is due to better sealing and door systems that help improve efficiency. 

Lower Heating Bills

Connected to the above point, with increased efficiency comes lower heating bills. If you’re able to rely on your fireplace for a supplementary heating source, it requires less electric, gas, or oil heat. When you don’t have a fire roaring, simply close the sealed doors to block any drafts.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Environmental concerns are also minimized with inserts. If you purchase and install an EPA-certified insert it drastically reduces emissions compared to a traditional fireplace.

Boost Visual Appeal

If you’re interested in shifting the look and feel of your area, an insert may just allow you to do so. Luckily, it’s relatively inexpensive if you already have a fireplace installed. From there, you can pick from many different styles, looks, and feels from a catalog of options. If you’re into a modern look, you have options; if you’re into a rustic vibe, there’s also an option for you!

Cost Effective

The inserts are relatively inexpensive to install. This is a benefit for all. Perhaps the upkeep for regular fireplaces was too much, so you simply had a fireplace sitting unused. Well, now you can put a little bit of money in and enjoy the fixture that’s been there all along. If you’re interested in a gas, electric, or propane option, it may be a little more costly; however, the benefit of ease is the payoff. A simple on/off switch is just a small install away.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits you can benefit from if you take the leap to install a fireplace insert. Call your local professionals to learn more about next steps!

Wood fireplace insert in Burlington, WI.

Make a switch to a fireplace insert

If you’re in the Burlington area, call Burlington Fireplace to schedule an appointment to install one today! You can reach our experienced team at 262-763-3522. We expertly service customers throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, including Sturtevant, WI; Union Grove, WI; Des Plaines, IL; and Rockford, IL. You can also contact us online for a free estimate and to get the job started. No matter if you’re interested in installing a new insert or tending to an existing one, no job is too big for us. 


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