Fireplace Inspiration | Fireplaces Throughout History and Tradition

The Literary Legacy of Flames and Hearth 

What would we have done if a fire didn’t inspire songs? We wouldn’t have lyrics like “Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. Or “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire?” Holiday traditions around the world have begun with a crackling fire. Traditions that go back for decades. They continue today as families grow and expand, bringing on new traditions. Traditions change but never do we forget the fire.

fireplace inspiration in Union Grove WIAs far back as the middle-ages fireplaces were not only used to heat the home. The fireplace has always been a focal point of celebration. It has not been neglected for its outstanding ambiance that they bring. Whether it be a celebration, holiday, or traditional get-together. The fireplace has also been a focal point for decorations. Families around the world would drape their fireplaces with garland, wreaths, and candles. A room with a fireplace is a place to gather and enjoy time with family and friends.  

Fireplace Inspiration 

The fireplace not only inspires music. The hearth and the warmth of its fireplace has inspired authors and artists for decades. From Charles Dickens’s famous A Christmas Carol. To the painting The Fireplace, 1912 – by Frederick Childe Hassam. The fireplace and mantel have inspired many to create. Sitting by a cozy relaxed fire has inspired writers and impressionists. The creativity flows when the mood is right.

Holiday Traditions

If you think back, traditions have evolved around the fireplace for years. The lighting of a Christmas tree, usually near the blazing fire. Stockings hung by the chimney with care. Children gather near the fireplace on Christmas morning. Chestnuts roasting on your fire. Santa coming down the chimney. These traditions have been in place for centuries. 

New memories and traditions are always being made, often around a fireplace. How about roasting marshmallows and making s’mores? Make decorations with your family to deck the halls. The Hearth and the mantle are the center focal point of the fireplace. How about decorating each year with a different theme? Getting the kids involved. 

The fireplace represents the spirit of tradition. Of giving, acceptance, and of presence, and yes presents. The room with the fireplace is a place where we dream of peace and remember the year that has passed. It helps us as family and loved ones to create new memories of being present with those we love. 

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