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Chimney Cleaning

Our chimney sweeps serve customers in the Greater Milwaukee area from Port Washington, WI to Elkhorn, WI, west to Janesville, WI, and Lake Geneva, Burlington, & Racine, WI.

Chimney Cleaning in Milwaukee WI

Heating appliances like wood-burning stoves, gas inserts, or pellet-burning fireplaces all contribute to dirty chimneys. In fact, burning wood in a masonry fireplace, insert, or stove will produce a sticky, thick layer of black creosote which is highly combustible and may even cause chimney fires if not regularly cleaned.

If you use your wood-burning stove or fireplace often, Burlington Fireplace & Heating recommends you get your chimney cleaned annually along with a Level 1 visual inspection. This will help keep your fireplace heat efficient, safe, and in proper working order.

In about an hour, our certified chimney technicians will perform a clean sweep of your chimney to remove soot, any creosote build-up, and blockages that may be affecting your flue liner, smoke chamber, or firebox & damper. We will also inspect your chimney and fireplace systems, including the chimney cap, chimney crown, fireplace damper, and other related components to ensure they are in good condition and functioning as they should be. Our state-of-the-art chimney vacuum & sweep tools will get the job done without leaving your house dirty in the process. Every employee of Burlington Fireplace & Heating lives up to the high standards & guidelines of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Chimney Sweeps Guild (NCSG) so we ensure a “no mess”, top notch chimney cleaning and inspection.

When it comes to protecting your family with a properly performing chimney, don’t take chances with unqualified contractors. Trust in the pros at Burlington Fireplace & Heating. Our fair prices and outstanding customer service has helped us become the local favorite in Burlington, Waukesha, Milwaukee, West Bend, and Glendale, Wisconsin.

certified chimney sweep in Burlington WIWondering if it’s time for a chimney cleaning? While it actually depends on many different factors, generally speaking a masonry fireplace chimney should be cleaned when the build-up reaches a thickness of 1/4 inch, or even sooner if black creosote glazing is present. Factory fireplaces, on the other hand, need to be cleaned when any noticeable build-up occurs. The most dangerous time of the year for chimney fires is in the fall. The built up creosote has dried out over the summer months and has now become extremely flammable. If you haven’t gotten your chimney cleaned from last burning season, you better think twice before lighting a fire.

The best thing you can do before you get the urge to stack on the logs for the first fire of the season is to call Burlington Fireplace & Heating for a visual inspection and annual cleaning. We’ll make sure you and your family are safe and your fireplace and chimney is in proper working order so you can have maximum heat efficiency for the cold winter season.

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