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Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and fire effects are one of the fastest growing areas of the hearth industry today. As the push for more friendly and intimate outdoor settings flourish, people can find the focal point with a beautiful fireplace of any kind. And when we say any kind, we mean it. Outdoor designs are unique in the fact that there are so many options; customers can be as creative as they like.

Working with you, a builder, or a designer, Burlington Fireplace can point you in the right direction in determining location, practicality, heat output, finish options, and everything in between.

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Outdoor fire pits are a great way to spend quality time outside during the spring, summer, and fall months. Having a built-in fire pit creates a place to gather around and enjoy each other’s company around a beautiful fire. Built-in pits can range in styles, sizes, and fuel type.

Wood-burning pits

Using masonry blocks or other outdoor-quality construction, wood-burning pits can be created either on their own or with a metal sleeve. These metal guides provide the shape and structure to make your pit the perfect size and may include heavy-duty log grates and cooking grills.

Gas-burning pits

Following the same look as wood-burning pits, gas fire pits provide the same flame and beauty with little to no effort. Using high-quality stainless-steel components, these gas pits can be sized to fit any size or shape enclosure, and can be decorated with bricks or stone to create the same visual appeal. Gas fire pits can be installed as a simple match-lit kit or with remotes and electronic ignition. Gas pits can also be decorated with log sets, fire glass, river rocks, lava rock, or many other forms of media.

Fire Tables

Fire tables were designed and created to combine the beauty of a fire pit with the practicality and portability of a table. Equipped with various burner styles, media, and sizes, these tables are perfect for smaller spaces or wooden decks & patios. Propane tanks can be neatly stored underneath or gas lines can be ran to where the tables will be sitting. Just like in built-in pits, stainless-steel burners and outdoor-quality components are used and can include burner covers, glass wind-guards, and vinyl weather covers. Most people find fire tables combine just the right amount of fire with a place to set drinks and snacks when entertaining guests.


Built-in outdoor fireplaces offer the beauty of a full fireplace in an outdoor setting. Many times equipped with stainless-steel components, these wood or gas fireplaces can accommodate real fires or gas logs to create an impressive fire view.

Wood Fireplaces

Outdoor masonry fireplaces create a grand and impressive sight. Built out of masonry bricks or other masonry materials, it can be built to pre-designed specs or custom-made on site. Manufactured, outdoor-grade fireplaces also can be built into walls to give a full masonry appearance at a fraction of the cost. These fireplaces can be vented with chimneys and equipped with gas lines and gas logs.

Gas Fireplaces

Outdoor gas fireplaces include the built-in beauty of a wood fireplace but with gas-burning componets. When built & installed properly, these fireplaces give off heat and offer the look of a real wood fireplace. Built-in gas fireplaces often come with various fronts, faces, doors, and media options from logs to river rocks to glass. Due to the ease of installation (does not require a flue) and ease of use, gas outdoor fireplaces offer great value to an outdoor patio or seating area.

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Heaters & Effects

During cool spring, fall, or even summer months, outdoor heaters are the perfect fit for patios. Different sizes and styles are designed to fit any décor, and can be used in residential or commercial applications. Other fire effects create visual splendor sure to impress friends, family, or customers.


Outdoor patio heaters are great compliments outdoor dining areas or places where people gather. Because of this, they have gained in popularity over the recent years to appear all over restaurants, bars, and porches across the area. Ranging from small heaters around 50,000 BTUs, larger heaters can produce much more heat for large areas or windy places near rivers or lakes.

Fire Effects

In addition to supplemental heat, outdoor fire effects can be used to add sizzle or flair to an outdoor area. Twirling torches of fire, fire & water combo features, and completely custom-built ideas are all possible using gas lines and a highly-trained installation staff. Do not hesitate to ask us what is all available, since new ideas and features are constantly being invented.

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