Outdoor Kitchen Tips For Winter | Enjoy Your Kitchen On Cold Days

Enjoy Your Outdoor Kitchen During The Winter  

You made the investment to build an outdoor kitchen. You have been loving it during the spring and summer months, using it daily. There is no reason you should not continue using your outdoor kitchen. As the temperatures dip there are ways to continue your outdoor grilling. Read on to make your winter a happy grilling time as well.

outdoor kitchen design in Sheboygan WIThere is no avoiding the freezing temperatures. With freezing temperatures, you need to be conscientious about avoiding problems. It can be quite costly and time-consuming to repair a burst pipe. Make it a priority to prepare your outdoor kitchen for winter hazards. Here is what you should be doing before the frigid temperatures hit your area.

Get your outdoor kitchen prepped for colder temperatures

  • Flush water out of pipes and hoses.
  • Turn off the water source.
  • Shut off all appliances and unplug them.
  • Protect your patio furniture with waterproof covers.
  • Cover your grill.

After any storm where your kitchen area is covered with snow, be sure to remove the snow from your grill. Shovel a path from the house to your grill as well. Keeping up with the snow removal will keep you grilling throughout the winter.

Most avid grilling enthusiasts will find a way to grill throughout the year. It is tough to give up that steak on the grill. You may want to consider some extra preparation for your outdoor grilling. The daylight is shorter as the winter approaches. Consider getting proper lighting so that you can have good visualization. Protection from rain and snow is important as well. You may want to consider a roof over your outdoor kitchen. Not only will it protect you from the weather, but it will also protect your kitchen as well.

Keeping You Warm

There are other comfort options that you may want to consider. It gets chilly standing in the elements doing the cooking. Consider a fire pit, a fire bowl, or a table. The warmth of the fire will bring family and friends out to join you. They can help with the cooking or keep you company. There are many options to keep you warm. The team at Burlington Fireplace will be happy to help you plan your outdoor kitchen area.

outdoor fireplace and kitchen upgrades in Janesville WIContact Burlington Fireplace Today!

While you are improving the outdoors contact Burlington Fireplace at 262-763-3522. We can help you design your outdoor kitchen. Consider adding one of our fire features or a fire pit to enhance the outdoor living experience. We can help with custom-built fire pits or prefabricated fire tables. These are great additions to any outdoor kitchen. Some of our customers opt for a full-blown outdoor fireplace. This is the centerpiece of their outdoor entertaining area. An outdoor kitchen completes the landscape. Offering a place to relax and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the outdoor space.

Call us soon at 261-763-3522 to set up an on-site or showroom consultation. Start making your outdoor kitchen area a reality!

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