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Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplace installation for residents in the Milwaukee area including Port Washington, WI to Elkhorn, WI, Kenosha, WI to Janesville, WI and west to Jefferson County & Lake Mills, WI.

electric fireplace install in burlington wiIf you want the aesthetic appeal of a burning fire all year round, consider an electric fireplace. Today’s technology has allowed for more variety and realistic flame appearance than ever before. There are Free Standing units, Cabinet Style and even Wall Hung to fit all applications. Some can even be purchased at the store, carried home and installed in minutes. Electric is a viable alternative when gas or wood is not an option. These appliances can be enjoyed year-round since they can run with or without heat. The life-like flame technology that an electric fireplace offers is amazing. Whether you are looking for an instant ambiance or want to take the chill out of a room, an electric fireplace makes a great addition to your home. These ultra-convenient appliances are free standing, maintenance free, and only need an electrical outlet to function. Simply plug them into the wall outlet and enjoy the appearance of flickering flames in seconds. We can also mount units on a wall at eye level or surround your electric fireplace by a beautiful wooden cabinet.

No matter what season it is, you’ll be able to add that “cozy” feeling to any room in your home with the flick of a switch. Even if it’s too hot outside for the heating feature, you can still enjoy the visual appeal of dancing flames with an electric fireplace. Get the look of a “fire” without any of the fuel and cleaning issues that come with gas, pellet or wood units.

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Modern Electric Fireplaces Have A Realistic Appearance

Electric hearth appliances utilize a patented, life-like flame with a 3-D look so you can have the realistic appearance of a wood-burning fireplace.  These no-fuss appliances require no venting, so they can be installed on any wall or in any room. Whether you choose a freestanding unit or a wall-mounted model, you can choose from a variety of modern, traditional, or rustic styles. Electric fireplaces are also highly portable so they can be moved from one room to another easily. If you should ever happen to move, you can take your electric fireplace with you!

Costing only pennies a day to run, electric fireplace appliances add instant ambiance and even heat to any room. Come by our showroom and see what a difference one of our electric fireplaces or an electric insert can make in your home. Stop by Burlington Fireplace & Heating and speak with one of our hearth experts to get all of your electric fireplace questions answered. We provide delivery and installation in Burlington, Milwaukee, and across Southeast Wisconsin.


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