Designing The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen: Steps To Consider

Must Haves For A Functional Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens add functionality to a cozy outdoor environment. Perhaps you have an outdoor kitchen already and are looking for updates, or maybe you’re considering building one in your yard from scratch. Either way, this article can help you build a functional and sophisticated outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen installations in Burlington, WI.Here are the top 5 tips for creating a functional outdoor kitchen:

Consider the layout

It quickly gets exciting to think about your future space that you may want to just get started. However, it’s important to consider what you will include and where you will put it. You don’t want to have to walk too far between “stations” or where you’ll complete different tasks. For example, if you’re going to include a refrigerator outside, you don’t want it too far away from the prep space or oven.

You can consider all these different areas as zones. Typically, you’ll have a zone for prepping, cooking, plating, and entertaining. But, if you’re tight on space you may have some overlap. Therefore, it’s important to consider these things early in the process.

Adequate seating and entertaining space

As we mentioned in the first point, one zone to consider is where you will entertain your family or guests. It’s important to think about this early so you can plan for the space. You may want a full table set or you may prefer a bar type seating arrangement.

Location of your outdoor kitchen

Will you be relying on some aspects of your indoor kitchen for outdoor cooking, such as water? Then you may want to plan to place your outdoor kitchen relatively close to the entrance to your home. Nothing is worse than having to lug many ingredients further than necessary, so be sure to consider this before you break ground.

Choose appliances

So now that you’ve decided the plan, it’s time to consider appliances. What level of cooking are you interested in completing outside? This can determine which appliances and the quality or price you’re willing to spend. Some kitchens may include sinks while others will opt to do cleaning or get water from inside. Additionally, you’ll have to consider if you want a grill, open fire stove, or a full oven/stove combo.

designing your outdoor kitchen space in Richmond ILDon’t forget about storage space

Last, but not least, consider storage space. Similar to the last point, you’ll want to lug the fewest amount of things from inside to outside. So, if you’d like to house things permanently outside, it’s best to think about adding in some storage solutions.

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