Choosing The Right Fireplace | Wood vs. Gas Burning Fireplaces

Choosing The Right Fireplace

A fireplace has been the focal point in a home for years, even centuries. Over the years a fireplace has evolved from a pit in the middle of a room to a stone fireplace that engulfs a room. A fireplace is a top request for homebuyers when purchasing a home. Only behind a remodeled kitchen and outdoor space. Whether your main goal is warmth or aesthetics, there is a fireplace that will fit your needs.

Wood burning fireplaces and stoves in Richmond IL

What was once a necessity in the home for cooking and heating, now is a meeting place. A place of great architectural beauty. It brings warmth and character to the home. It has become the room with the heart of the home. A place where family and friends gather to celebrate and enjoy the ambiance of a warm glow from the fire. There are many types to choose from. Let us discuss the main two types of fireplaces.

Woodburning fireplace:

Pros- A fire that you will collect and store wood for. The ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace is like no other. You will also enjoy the snap and crackle as well as the smell a woodburning fireplace will bring you.

Cons- With a woodburning fireplace there is a bit of upkeep to keep the fire burning. You will need to consider a storage area in your home. Somewhere close to the fireplace. Your wood needs to be seasoned. This means that it should be dried. If you cut wood yourself, wood should sit out for at least 6 months, sometimes a year until you can burn it. If you burn wood that is not seasoned or cured you will have a smoking fire.

Gas Fireplace:

Pros- This is the fireplace for the person who wants a fire with a turn of a switch. There is no storing wood. No worrying about seasoned wood. Turn a switch and you have a fire. Gas fireplaces have grown and perfected over the years. The gas insert has the look of real logs being burned. Some even have sound; you can imagine that it is a true wood-burning fireplace.

Cons- It isn’t a wood-burning fireplace, and you won’t have the full aesthetics of a wood-burning fireplace. Gas can be a bit more costly than buying wood. Upkeep and annual maintenance are important. Carbon Monoxide is created during combustion. If a fireplace is in poor working condition this gas is highly toxic. This can be fatal to people and pets if inhaled in significant amounts.

Gas Fireplace Inserts and Installations in Sheboygan WISome other things to Think About When Searching for a Fireplace

● Do you want a fireplace for heat?
● What is your budget?
● A corner or wall fireplace?
● Where to put it if you are adding to an existing house.

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