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Whatever Happened to Pot-Belly Stoves?

Years before today’s high-efficiency, modern-looking, and large fire-viewing wood stoves, people heated their homes with various forms of wood burners. Read more

Best New Fireplace Improvements & Innovations

If you are like approximately 77% of home buyers today, you want a fireplace in your family room. Fireplaces have Read more

Don’t Settle for a Builder-Grade Fireplace

Building a house or remodeling your existing home can simultaneously be an exciting and daunting task. Decisions are made every Read more

Top 5 Fireplace Myths You Need to Know

There’s nothing like a fireplace to take the chill off winter evenings and serve as a centerpiece in the home Read more

6 Reasons Solar is a Good Long-Term Investment

Are you interested in solar energy but unsure whether solar panels are worth the cost? The reality is that various Read more

Tesla Offers Powerwall, to Store Solar Energy for the Home

In April of 2015, Tesla introduced Powerwall, a home battery that offers a common sense approach to using solar energy. Read more

Gas Burning Appliances are Popular Today

Imagine walking in the door of your home on a blizzardy wintry evening and lighting a fire in the hearth by Read more

Masonry vs. Factory-Built Fireplace

100 years ago, masonry fireplaces were the only option available for builders and homeowners. This is no longer true today. Whether Read more

Comparing Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

If you have never compared wood burning stoves and fireplaces in person, stop by Burlington’s Fireplace & Heating. We have Read more

Top 5 Ways to Child & Pet Proof Your Fireplace

By taking these precautions you can continue to enjoy your fireplace while protecting your furry friends and little ones from potential harm. At Read more

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