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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Solar Panels

Solar energySolar energy panels in burlington wi in the last several years has enjoyed a big increase in popularity – not only because it’s a clean and efficient energy source, but also thanks to incentives such as the federal solar Investment Tax Credit.  Still, a lot of people have questions about home solar panels, so we’ll answer a few of them here.

Q: How does solar power work?

A: A solar system includes the panels, wiring and an inverter. As sun hits the panels, DC electricity is created and transferred to the inverter, which converts it into the AC electricity that can be used in the home.  The power is then ready when you need it.

Q: Will I get good performance if there is a lot of shade on my roof?

A: Your performance won’t be optimal, because sun must reach the panels in order to generate electricity.  In many cases, trees can be trimmed to solve the problem of excess shade.

Q: What’s the life expectancy of a solar system?

A: Solar PV systems are typically guaranteed for 25 years, although it’s not uncommon for them to keep working well for almost double that.

Q: Will my property taxes go up if I have a solar system?

A: No.  While the system will add value to your home, it’s not assessed value that will show up in your property taxes.

Q: How much value might be added to my home with a solar system?

A: A recent study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory showed that solar-powered homes appreciated 17% more and sold 20% faster, on average, than homes without solar power.  Other studies suggest that a home’s resale value rises about $5,000 for every kilowatt in its solar system, with the average residential system being about 3.1 kilowatts.

Q: What kind of savings should I expect once my solar system is installed?

A: Your energy-use patterns and the size of your solar system will determine the exact numbers, but generally you can expect a 15% to 20% return on investment.

Q: What kind of cost are we looking at for a residential solar system?

WI solar panel installation and careA: If you contact us, we can give you a cost estimate based on your anticipated level of energy usage, the size of your home, the space on your roof where panels can get direct sunlight and other factors.  Each installation is unique, and there isn’t a “standard” cost for all systems.

Burlington Fireplace & Solar in Burlington, Wis., is ready to help you with a solar installation.  If you’re thinking of joining millions of others worldwide in taking advantage of this superior and totally renewable energy source, give us a call at (262) 763-3522.  We’ll meet with you and assess your specific needs and give you an estimate for the type of solar system that would provide exactly what you’re looking for.

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