Dated Fireplace Surround - Should They Be Replaced?

Should a Dated Fireplace Surround be Replaced?

customfireplace_2243-716x716A fireplace is typically an eye-pleasing focal point in a room, but outdated styling can make a fireplace more of an eyesore. You may find yourself asking, “Should my dated fireplace surround be replaced?” The answer is that it depends first on the reason you’re asking. If your entire home needs to be updated in order to make it more appealing to potential buyers, don’t bother. Leave everything as is, unless you are investing in a complete makeover. If you are asking that question because you’re tired of looking at your drab, lifeless, or awkwardly outdated fireplace, the best answer is yes! Contact our skilled professionals at Burlington Fireplace & Solar for a whole new fireplace surround that will beautifully enhance your home and décor. In the alternative, you can try a do-it-yourself project. Tips for both options follow.

Your Existing Fireplace Surround

There are more ways to upgrade your fireplace surround than you can probably count. Sometimes a surround is brick veneer that has been stuck onto the wall. Brick veneers are relatively simple to remove and replace.

If your fireplace surround is an integral part of the wall, creating a new surround poses more of a challenge. Our professionals are skilled and experienced at creating replacement fireplace surrounds, and they can work around any difficulties.

Whether you have a simple task ahead of you for a DIY project or whether you are going to rely on our certified technicians, the following are more tips.

Is Painting Fireplace Brick a Good Option?

Painting the brick on a fireplace is not considered an option to be taken lightly, since the brick can’t be restored to its original appearance. As long as a permanent solution isn’t a problem, paint can achieve a whole new look for your fireplace surround. A paint job on the brick can have a unique finish, such as a patina or translucent finish, which can be achieved by whitewashing brick with water and paint combined. The possibilities are endless. You can paint the brick a neutral color or choose a dark shade. Also adding a more modern or appealing mantle can be the perfect finishing touch.

Custom Surrounds

newbf31Replacing a dated fireplace surround could be your chance to help your fireplace fulfill its true aesthetic potential. Why not go for an elaborate, intricate, or all-out luxurious surround built with stone, such as limestone or river rock? Our experts at Burlington specialize in custom fireplace surrounds, and they can achieve the look you’re dreaming of.

DIY Tips for a Fireplace Surround

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a DIY fireplace surround. Most important is the issue of safety. Be sure that the materials you use for the surround are heat-resistance. Any materials that are strictly ornamental likely aren’t right for the purpose of updating your fireplace surround. There are actually building regulation guidelines that can help you determine whether your plans are on the right track. For instance, according to safety regulations, an outer hearth must be at least two inches thick and must extend a minimum of one foot in front of the fire. If your fireplace won’t be used for fires, a purely ornamental surround may be fine.

Straightforward DIY wooden surrounds projects are available in kits that are easy to install. You can choose from a variety of hearths, mantel shelves, and back panels as well as different possible combinations.

Give us a call at Burlington Fireplace & Solar (262) 763-3522, if you have questions or want to schedule a fireplace surround replacement.

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