Efficient Wood Stoves - Saving Money - Winter Season

Save Money using Efficient Wood Stoves in Winter

professional wood stove installations in burlington wiTop reasons to love the coldest months in Wisconsin include winter festivals, white Christmases every year, burning mega calories (shoveling snow), and warming by an efficient wood stove approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you like the idea of offsetting high heating costs, one of the best investments you can make is in a modern wood stove. Read on to learn more about how you can save money using an EPA-approved wood stove in winter.

What it means to have an EPA-approved wood stove

In the early 1980s, wood stoves and fireplace inserts became enormously popular, with more than 2 million sold each year. Environmentalists became concerned about pollutants created by these heating appliances. The state of Oregon, for example, banned the sale of most wood stoves that were not environmentally friendly. A series of requirements by the EPA began to go in effect in 1988, at which time stoves manufactured from that point on had to emit less than 8.5 grams of pollutants per hour. The rules of manufacture have been more and more stringent through the years. The latest regulations for EPA-certified wood stoves limit particulate emissions to a maximum of 4.5 grams per hour.

When you have an EPA-approved wood stove, you have a heating appliance that burns so effectively that very little pollutants are released into the air. Of course, this protects the environment and minimizes health risks; and there are even more benefits for homeowners.

How new technology has improved wood stove efficiency

Particulate matter emitted by wood-burning is the result of incomplete combustion. As wood stoves have become more efficient, it is because the combustion process has continued to improve. The evidence is seen in a reduced amount of smoke. The new technology that has transformed the efficiency of a wood stove involves burning not only the wood but also the smoke from the fire. Catalytic stoves have a catalytic combustor, and it ignites smoke particles and gases at lower temperatures, resulting in a much more efficient burn of the toxic substances. Non-catalytic stoves also burn smoke and are typically more popular because they are less expensive and have lower maintenance costs because there is no catalytic combustor to replace. Non-catalytic stoves are easier to operate, as well. Between the two types of wood stoves, catalytic wood stoves have longer burn times and higher efficiency.  

Smoke emissions are reduced by up to 90% in certified wood stoves, according to the EPA.

3 ways modern wood stoves save on heating costs

Getting down to the issue of cost savings, an EPA-approved wood stove can save you a significant amount of money in Wisconsin winters. The following are three ways you can save money on heating costs with a modern wood stove:

One – Firewood is least expensive type of fuel. It is a naturally-occurring renewable resource that has the added benefit of being carbon-neutral. If you have your own wooded area, the fuel for your wood stove is free.

Two – As a result of the improved efficiency of wood stoves, less firewood is used. This means each cord of wood you have can last significantly longer.

burlington wi top notch wood stovesThree – Your heating bills in winter should be much lower, if you use an EPA-approved wood stove. The complete combustion achieved in the stoves means that significantly more heat is provided to your home, rather than going up your chimney. You may be able to turn off central heating much of the season while keeping your living areas toasty warm with one or more wood stoves.

Contact us at Burlington Fireplace for help choosing the EPA-certified wood stoves that are right for your home. All EPA-approved stoves deliver fantastic heat performance that will help you cut heating costs, giving you just one more reason to love Wisconsin winters.

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