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You Should Always Budget for a Chimney Inspection

Owning a home can be expensive! Experts estimate that Americans spend $1 per square foot per month on average for Read more

Is Your Chimney Ready for Cold Weather?

A house fire is reported every 85 seconds in America! That is an alarming statistic from the National Fire Protection Read more

Can I Prevent Creosote Build-Up?

Many chimney fires in Wisconsin are caused by creosote buildup. Creosote is a highly flammable chemical compound that creates build-up Read more

Do Fireplaces Still Matter?

When meeting people for the first time at gatherings, parties, or weddings, people are always very interested when I tell Read more

The Critical Jobs of a Chimney Damper

It won’t be long before these warm summer days end and chilly autumn weather arrives. Before the temperature drops, it’s Read more

The Importance of Maintaining Masonry Chimneys

Does your home have a brick, block, or stone chimney? If it does, you may not realize the maintenance it Read more

Potential Chimney Problems Caused by Bad Weather

Wisconsin is known for its extreme weather. Powerful storms often leave behind chimney damage. High winds, heavy rain, and sleet Read more

Don’t Ignore These Common Signs of Chimney Damage! 

Repairing a damaged chimney can be a huge expense if you don’t catch the problem early. Your chimney isn’t just Read more

Adding a Gas Firepit: Is It Easy?

So you just got home from your friend’s fancy outdoor wedding where you spent the last two hours of the Read more

Keep Your Fireplace Clean and Safe

Our fireplaces get a lot of use here in Southeastern Wisconsin. An efficient prefabricated fireplace or fireplace insert can reduce Read more

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