Why Now Is The Best Time For Chimney Repairs

Why Now Is The Best Time For Chimney Repairs

Is there anything more cozy than relaxing next to a warm fire when it’s snowing outside? Our homes keep us safe from the elements while our fireplaces provide warmth and comfort. However, while it keeps us warm, our chimney system is vulnerable to the effects of the wintertime weather onslaught. Today, we’re going to answer the what, where, when, why, and how for chimney repairs.

Rusted Chimney Chase Cover Replacement in Pewaukee WIWhat needs to be repaired exactly?

The answer to this first question is simple: your chimney’s masonry. Of course, a chimney contains multiple components, so let’s move on to our next question.

Where is the damage?

There are a handful of areas that will experience damage more often than others. Those are:

  • The bricks, which can often crack, spall, or fall out;
  • Your cap, which can rust and eventually disintegrate;
  • Your crown, which can crack or separate;
  • And your mortar, which is susceptible to cracking.

When is the best time for chimney repairs?

This is the biggest question we want to address today. When is the best time for chimney repairs? Now. Specifically, we’re referring to the latter spring and summer months. There are three big reasons why now is the best time for masonry repairs.

The first is that the issues your chimney already has today can turn into larger problems if not addressed sooner rather than later. The second is scheduling: many homeowners will start calling to schedule chimney repairs as soon as the weather changes. This leads to a backlog and can significantly delay your repairs.

Finally, let’s talk about temperature. Now is the best time for masonry repairs regardless of the first two reasons because it’s warmer outside. This allows for your masonry repairs to cure more effectively, leading to a longer-lasting and more successful repair.

Why did this happen in the first place?

Masonry materials absorb water easily because of their porous nature. However, when the temperatures drop, this moisture freezes and expands. When it melts, it leaves behind cracks and gaps. This is an open door for more water absorption.

Can you see where this is headed? Those larger holes full of water then freeze and expand again, leaving behind even larger damage. Over time, this freeze-and-thaw cycle can significantly damage your masonry. Repairing this issue as soon as possible, such as during the warmer summer months, can prevent additional problems later.

How can it be repaired?

Your Burlington Fireplace technician can use a variety of techniques to repair damage to your chimney. Let’s look at each briefly.

  • Mortar joints: Both tuckpointing and repointing are methods to repair problems within your chimney’s mortar joints.
  • Bricks: Spalling or cracked bricks can be removed in smaller sections. Alternatively, if the damage is severe, it may necessitate a full system rebuild.
  • Your cap and crown: While different materials, both can be replaced if they’re heavily damaged or missing entirely.

Chimney Inspection and Repairs in Richmond ILWho can help? The team at Burlington Fireplace!

As a bonus six question, you’re probably wondering who can help. That question is easy: we can!

Our team members are experts in all aspects of chimney maintenance and repair. If it’s time to schedule your annual sweep and inspection, or you need assistance, just let us know.

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