What Is A Weatherproof Kitchen?

What Is A Weatherproof Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens allow you to expand your living and entertaining space beyond the four walls of your home. As part of a complete backyard setup, they can even increase the value of your home if you were to sell it. When it comes time to decide on the fixtures and features for an outdoor kitchen, a homeowner will often focus on aesthetics and functionality. Those are great, but there is one component of this process that is probably more important: weatherproofing. So what is a weatherproof kitchen? We’re glad you asked!

Outdoor Weatherproof Kitchens in Walworth WIThe basic definition

It may seem self-explanatory but let’s start by defining the term “weatherproof kitchen.” It is an extra kitchen on your back patio or in your backyard. It helps to both extend the usable space in your home while also giving you a place to fix meals during the summer. And by being weatherproof, each aspect of your kitchen is resistant to peeling, cracking, fading, and overall weathering.


Now, let’s look at the foundation of your space. The flooring you choose in your weatherproof kitchen needs to be able to withstand all four seasons. That means rain, snow, sun, and temperatures that range from freezing to sweltering. Concrete (whether smooth or stamped) and wood are both good options, though keep in mind the latter will need to be re-stained occasionally.


Moving on to your choice of cabinetry. Beyond deciding how many to have and what special features you’d like to include, you need to take into account where you’re installing them. Wood cabinets will work, but you’ll need to apply a waterproof sealant before installation. In addition, you may also need to occasionally reapply the sealant as the finish wears.

Another option is to use resin cabinetry. It gives you the same look and feel as wood but has an added benefit. It’s designed to withstand any kind of weather thrown at it without fading, warping, or breaking. Finally, be sure to choose non-rusting hardware to extend the life of your outdoor kitchen as well.


To have a weatherproof kitchen you need to consider your appliances. Ceramic and stainless steel are both good options as they will be both durable and able to withstand the weather in your area. One way to ensure you have the best weatherproof kitchen appliances is to stop by the Burlington Fireplace showroom to get a hands-on experience with our options.


Most homeowners will choose to add a grill to their outdoor kitchen. Some will even add an outdoor pizza oven. Either can be a fun addition that will make your time spent outdoors even better. The important part? That’s right: you need to make certain they’re also able to withstand the weather before installing them.

Finally, don’t forget to choose outdoor-rated lighting for your space as well. The aesthetic of your space is secondary to ensuring that wiring, fixtures, and any extras are installed properly and safely.

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We can make your outdoor kitchen dreams a reality

A weatherproof kitchen gives you the option to cook outdoors during the summer, whether you’re entertaining or just want to keep your house cool. It also is a great way to add value to your home for a potential new buyer, giving you a leg-up over other sellers in your neighborhood.

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