The Dangers Of Moisture In Your Chimney

Dangers Of Moisture In Your Chimney

We all know that spring comes with frequent showers, but that doesn’t mean that your chimney (and wallet) has to suffer. With the increase in rainfall, there runs the risk of chimney damage if there are structural issues with your chimney. It’s important to monitor several aspects of your chimney during wet spells.

We’ve outlined some of the most common dangers of moisture in your chimney, so you know where to start. If you find any issue with your chimney, have no fear. Our chimney professionals can fix any issues you may fine.

Leaky Chimney Damage and Repairs in Sheboygan WIMoisture can lead to structural issues

Over the years, your chimney and all exterior aspects of your house are subject to environmental impact. Meaning, eventually the rain may cause some of the bricks or mortar to slowly break down or crumble away. This results in some pretty serious structural issues, so it’s important to get this checked out if you notice the beginning stages of deterioration. When any repairs are made to bricks, it’s important to use waterproofing to avoid future issues.

Additionally, if water finds its way inside the chimney, it may lead to decaying mortar. Newly installed mortar joints are weather proof, but the good news is there is a temporary solution if mortar deterioration isn’t too severe. This solution is called pointing. Chimney professionals can ground out and replace mortar.

Exterior and Interior Chimney Staining

Have you ever seen white or grey staining on bricks? That is likely efflorescence which occurs when water is present in or on brick, concrete or several other building materials. Along with staining, the moisture could lead to warping, peeling of walls, and sagging. Another concern is the growth of mold. If the moisture is out of hand, it can grow rapidly which leads to potentially unsafe air to breathe as well as a mildew smell in your house.

Moisture and Creosote isn’t a good mix

Creosote is a residue that is left behind from wood burning in a chimney. This residue is thick and oily, very flammable, and in large quantities it is unhealthy to breathe in. When this residue is mixed with water, it exacerbates the odor. If your house smells like a smoky fire on a rainy day, it’s likely that water has found its way into your chimney and is creating a strong smell.

All of these dangers may sound concerning, but with annual chimney sweeps and inspections, professionals can catch issues early and avoid the potential for unwanted moisture. If you’re already experiencing moisture, no worries; there’s a solution to fix the water leak or excess moisture presence.

Annual Chimney Inspection and Sweeping in Lake Villa & Lindenhurst ILProfessional Chimney Sweeping Service in Racine, WI

Don’t let moisture in your fireplace or chimney become a bigger issue than it needs to be. Instead, call the locally-owned and operated chimney professionals at Burlington Fireplace at 262-763-3522 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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