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We hope to provide you with lots of interesting content about Hearth Products like fireplaces, stoves and fireplaces inserts along with articles about safety and care of your chimney systems. Burlington Fireplace & Solar will also be posting information about Solar Energy for Southeastern Wisconsin residents and businesses.
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Can Chimneys Get Repaired in the Winter?

Winter isn’t an ideal season for chimney repairs, but some repairs shouldn’t wait until spring. Every chimney expert will tell you that spring and summer are the best times for chimney repairs. Long, warm days are preferable for working outside on the roof. Winter’s short, chilly days aren’t ideal for chimney repairs, but waiting might […]

What to Expect from a Faulty Chimney

When your chimney isn’t working right or is damaged, a variety of problems can result. Here is what to look for in your chimney system and ways to address any issues you may find. Excess creosote Creosote is a highly flammable substance that forms during wood-fire combustion. It’s the cause of most chimney fires in […]

Hire a Professional for Fireplace or Stove Installation

A fireplace or stove that is incorrectly installed usually costs the owner a lot of money in the long run to re-do things that weren’t done right to start with. Improper installation also can put the home and the family that lives in it at risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. That all sounds […]

Get Your Fireplace & Chimney in Shape for the Holidays

The holidays seem to come around faster every year, and this year is no exception. If you’ll be using a fireplace during the holiday season, your smartest move is to take action now to get your fireplace and chimney ready for the holidays. Why schedule maintenance work early? Chimney sweeping, chimney inspections, fireplace and stove […]

The Effects Chimney Fires Have on Your Chimney

A shocking number of homeowners in the Midwest have a fire-damaged chimney. According to a Midwest Chimney Safety Council poll, chimney sweeps discover an average of 1.5 fire-damaged fireplace ventilation systems every day! Chimney fires cause this damage. Chimney fires burn at scorching temperatures often for long periods causing extensive damage to the chimney system. […]

Is There a Problem in My Fireplace Smoke Chamber?

The smoke chamber is the most overlooked chimney component. Some chimney sweeps even miss it during their inspection since it’s tough to see into. It sits right about the firebox and connects to the flue. This nearly hidden chamber is a severe safety hazard in many homes. Why are some smoke chambers risky? When you […]

Recent Advancements in Fireplaces

Buying a fireplace is similar to most other purchases – it involves a lot of research when you need to make your decision, and then you forget it all after it’s been installed for a year. Since fireplaces aren’t replaced every 3-5 years like most technology, it can be even easier to fall out of […]

Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance

Fireplaces and chimneys need regular maintenance, just like a car. Neglecting to keep up with it can be as dangerous as letting the oil in your engine run out. A blocked, damaged, or dirty chimney could spark a severe house fire or expose you to “the silent killer” carbon monoxide. Follow these 4 simple steps […]

What is a Fireplace Lintel?

Are you wondering if the lintel bar above your firebox is necessary? This bar extends over the top of the firebox and supports the front side of the chimney. Many interior designers, contractors, and DIY homeowners are guilty of removing this essential chimney component. While the fireplace lintel might not look important to you, it […]

Keep Your Fireplace Running Great for Years To Come

While we all know the fireplaces we buy and use on a daily basis need some TLC once in a while, it’s easy to forget the routine things we should be doing because it’s not directly staring us in the face. We know when the microwave or oven needs to be cleaned, because of the […]

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