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Our well-marked Burlington Fire & Solar trucks are hard to miss in Pleasant Prairie WI and the surrounding area, as we provide quality chimney repair, chimney rebuild, and chimney cap installation services and more. Pleasant Prairie WI is a village located between Milwaukee WI and Chicago IL. Among the local attractions residents enjoy is the popular RecPlex. Our chimney sweeps often traverse Rt 31, 88th Avenue, Rt 32 and Rt 165, providing comprehensive chimney sweep services, including chimney crown repair, chimney cleaning, chimney liner replacement, and chimney inspections. Our chimney technicians also travel to nearby cities providing quality chimney services, including Kenosha WI, Somers WI, Salem WI, Racine WI, and Caledonia WI.

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Family-owned and operated, Burlington Fire & Solar has always put customers first. Our genuine enthusiasm for the safety of our customers is seen in our ongoing dedication to provide the best in chimney services. We are always glad to answer any questions our customers may have.

Chimney Sweeps

At Burlington Fireplace & Solar, all of our chimney sweeps are trained and certified by the National Fireplace Institute® (NFI). Our technicians also receive ongoing training and education. NFI-Certified experts provide chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney repair, and all of our chimney services in Pleasant Prairie WI and the entire service area.

Chimney Repairs

Chimney repairs are often needed, since chimneys are highly vulnerable to damage caused by moisture. Pleasant Prairie WI homeowners trust us for chimney crown repair, rebuild of chimney masonry, chimney liner repair and replacement, and tuckpointing. If a tuckpointing procedure is done when there are fresh signs of weakened mortar, more extensive repairs are avoided. The old mortar is scraped out and new mortar is added, which gives the chimney renewed structural strength and durability.

Leaky Chimney

When a chimney leaks, the cause is not always obvious. It often requires the help of our expert technicians to identify the source of a leak. In addition, during chimney inspections, our chimney sweeps often catch leaks before they have caused extensive damage. Without regular chimney maintenance, it is not unusual for a chimney leak to go undetected, resulting in the need for costly repairs.

Chimney Liner Experts

We recommend that Pleasant Prairie WI homeowners follow the advice of fire safety experts and have their chimneys inspected annually. Damage in a chimney liner is a serious safety issue, and such damage is often not detected until an inspection is done. Our chimney sweeps can use cameras to examine the chimney flue from top to bottom, to check for signs of deterioration. A flue liner prevents combustible parts of the home from catching fire and also prevents deadly carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes from entering the home. If there is even a tiny crack in the liner, repair or replacement is needed and should be done before the fireplace or stove is used again. Chimney liner replacement may also be required when a new heating appliance is installed, to ensure safe operation and maximum efficiency.

Chimney Crowns

Many consider the chimney crown the first line of defense against moisture getting into the chimney system. If there are cracks, chimney crown repair or rebuild may be needed. Our chimney technicians always check the chimney crown during a chimney inspection. They often recommend chimney waterproofing because it provides additional protection against damage caused by moisture.

Chimney Caps & Chase Tops

Every chimney should be topped with a chimney cap or a chimney chase top. Without one of these chimney toppers, such things as rain, sleet, snow, birds, debris, and animals can get into your chimney, possibly causing a dangerous obstruction. Another benefit of a chimney cap or chimney chase top is that a spark guard can be included. The spark guard can stop a flying hot ember from escaping the chimney and possibly starting a fire on the roof. Also, with a chimney topper, downdrafts can be prevented or minimized.

Chimney Rebuilding & Restoration

When chimney rebuilding and restoration services are needed, Pleasant Prairie WI homeowners rely on our chimney professionals at Burlington Fire & Solar. If masonry is neglected, unseen moisture damage can result in extensive damage, causing the chimney to eventually start buckling or leaning. The entire structure could collapse, unless needed rebuilding or repair is done. Because chimney experts are thoroughly familiar with top-to-bottom operation of the venting system, they are the masonry professionals who should be entrusted with all chimney rebuilding and restoration projects.

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