Decorating Around Fireplace - Off Season For Fireplace & Stove

How to Decorate Your Fireplace in the Off-season

decorating around fireplace during off seasonOnce again spring comes, and your fireplace has done its job for another winter season.  Now what?  Will your fireplace sit there until fall looking drab and lifeless?  It doesn’t have to.  There are many ways to dress up your fireplace in the off-season so that it’s an enjoyable amenity all year long.  Let’s look at a few ideas.

Growing things around Fireplace

Your clean, open firebox and hearth area can become a jungle of potted plants and flowers.  Ivy can be strung all around, giving the impression of a vibrant garden right in your living room.  Or take the more Spartan approach with a single, colorful plant tastefully displayed at the front of the firebox.

Stack wood On Fireplace Hearth

Develop a rustic theme with logs of equal length and diameter stacked inside the firebox, either cross-ways or back-to-front.  The hearth area can include miniature wooden furniture, wooden children’s toys and any other wood items that would accent the stacked wood logs.

Vases Around Fireplace

Vases of all styles, shapes and colors can make a stunning visual when placed in and around the fireplace.  You don’t have to spend a lot for this – you can find all kinds of unique vases at yard sales and bargain stores.  Your arrangement can have a specific color theme, or you can use a variety of colors to express your inner decorator.

Mirrors Around Hearth

Another cool idea is to set a mirror into the opening of the firebox.  With a little shopping, you can find one that’s just the right size or close to it.  Mirrors look great virtually any place you put them.  They add an aesthetic touch and make the room look a little larger.

Lamps or candles On Hearth

Shed some light on the subject of your fireplace with a dazzling array of miniature lamps with colorful shades arranged inside and around the firebox.  An assortment of scented, colored candles will bring another light-centered mood to the room.  Consider also a string of lights around the perimeter of the firebox.

A library Next To Fireplace

Add a small shelf of books to your fireplace, and decorate around it with flowers or woven tapestries.  If you have a mantle, develop a decorative book theme on it, as well.

Store Kids’ toys Near Fireplace

If none of these ideas grab you, and if you have young children, why not use the fireplace as the place for some of their toys to go instead of all over the floor?  A clean, open firebox makes a great toy depot.

Consider the wall above Fireplace

decorating fireplace with plants and vasesFinally, the wall that surrounds your fireplace can be transformed to accentuate any of the theme ideas above.  Maybe some shiny mirrors or framed prints relating to your theme would look nice.  Be creative and use your imagination.

We hope you’ve found an idea or two here that you can use, or maybe these ideas have got you thinking about coming up with your own design masterpiece.  In either case, you now have some really cool ways to dress up your fireplace in the off-season.

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