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chimney sweep in Oak Creek, WI

Since 1995, Burlington Fireplace & Solar has been the leading provider of Certified Chimney Sweep and Fireplace Cleaning Services in Oak Creek, WI, and surrounding towns throughout Southeast WI and Northeast IL, including Caledonia, Franklin, Greendale, Greenfield, Muskego, Union Church, Kneeland, and New Berlin.

Many homes in Oak Creek have a wood-burning fireplace, gas fireplace, wood stove, gas stove, pellet stove, or even an outdoor fireplace for home heating. However, fireplaces & heating stoves require annual chimney inspections and periodic cleaning to ensure they are safe to operate and not a fire or health hazard. Our certified chimney sweeps at Burlington Fireplace & Solar follow the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) industry standards. This gives Oak Creek and Southeast Wisconsin homeowners peace of mind knowing that their chimney, vents, and attached heating appliances are properly maintained.

complete chimney inspection, oak creek wiChimney Inspection

A chimney inspection is the only way to know whether your chimney and fireplace are safe to operate. Although your chimney may appear to be in good working, appearances can be deceiving. On the outside, there may be small cracks, stains, and decaying mortar that could be signs that water is leaking inside the chimney. Inside, there may be small animals, bird nests, debris, and creosote buildup that slowly restricts the expulsion of smoke and fumes, leading to a dangerous flue obstruction or chimney fire. That’s why the NFPA recommends all homeowners will gas or wood-burning heating appliances have an annual chimney inspection. Our chimney professionals are certified for all three levels of chimney inspections in Oak Creek, Caledonia, New Berlin, and communities in Southeast Wi & Northeast IL.

Chimney Sweep

Every time you light your wood-burning fireplace or stove, a substance known as creosote is produced during the combustion process. While most creosote is expelled with the smoke and fumes, some residues stick to interior masonry, flue liner, damper, and other interior components in the chimney. When the creosote is not removed with regular chimney sweeping, it hardens into a dark, tarry, and highly flammable material that is extremely difficult to remove without the assistance of a Certified Chimney Sweep®. In addition, the intense heat of the fireplace or a hot ember from the crackling wood can ignite the creosote and cause a chimney fire that can quickly spread to your roof and home. 

Chimney Cleaning

When was your last chimney cleaning? Regular chimney cleaning is essential to reduce the risk of fire exposure to carbon monoxide and prolong the life of your fireplace and chimney. We typically recommend homeowners have a level 1 inspection at least once per year, preferably in the spring or fall. However, if you use your fireplace more frequently, it may need an additional cleaning during the winter season. Burlington Fireplace & Solar has CSIA-Certified chimney sweeps that provide professional chimney cleaning services in Oak Creek, WI, and throughout the entire Southeastern WI and Northeastern IL region.

chimney cleaning in Oak Creek, WIChoosing A Chimney Sweep

When choosing a chimney sweep, it’s vital to ensure they have the education, tools, and experience necessary to safely and efficiently inspect your chimney, clean, and repair chimneys, fireplaces, and heating stoves. Some of the questions you should ask include: how long have you been in business? Are you certified by the CSIA? Can you provide references? Is your company licensed, bonded, and insured? When you hire Burlington Fireplace & Solar, a CSIA-certified chimney sweep will arrive at your Oak Creek, WI, home at the scheduled time in a well-marked company vehicle. The chimney sweep will also have an active CSIA identification badge attached to the uniform. Also, our technicians will bring all the necessary tools, equipment, supplies, and protective gear to perform the work safely and efficiently.

Homeowners in Oak Creek, WI, can call Burlington Fireplace & Solar at 262-763-3522 to schedule an annual chimney inspection, sweeping, and cleaning to ensure your fireplace, wood stove, and any other heating appliances are safe to operate. You can also visit us at https://www.burlingtonfireplace.com/ to schedule an appointment online. We also serve Caledonia, Franklin, Greendale, Greenfield, Muskego, Union Church, Kneeland, New Berlin, all communities in Southeast WI and Northeast IL.

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