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5 Things to Decide Before Adding Your New Fireplace

new fireplace installations near burlington wiBringing a new fireplace into your home is an investment both financially and in terms of the operation, functionality and enjoyment of the new appliance.  For this reason, it’s good to consider a few important things before making your purchase.  Let look at five of these considerations.

1. Set your budget

Before heading down to your local hearth retailer, have in mind a budget for a new fireplace that works for you.  Fireplaces come in a wide range of prices, usually based on features and technologies included, but always remember that the best fireplace for you is one that makes the most sense financially.

2. Gas vs. wood

This is an important decision, because it will impact many areas including maintenance, cleaning, heat efficiency and aesthetics.  Your heath dealer can fill you in on all the details, but in a nutshell, here are some basics:

·      Gas will normally produce more heat than wood

·      Wood is a relatively inexpensive fuel but requires acquiring and storing

·      Gas fireplaces burn cleaner and are environmentally friendly

·      Wood fireplace technology and smart wood-burning practices make these fireplaces better on the environment than their counterparts in the past

·      Gas leaves very little residue, so cleaning is simple

·      Burning wood creates creosote, a sticky, flammable substance that must be regularly cleaned from chimneys

·      Gas logs today very closely resemble actual wood in terms of shape, size, color and texture

·      The snap, crackle and pop along with the aroma and visual of a wood fire is the ultimate standard for many people

3. Where will you install your fireplace?

Both gas and wood fireplaces make ideal additions to the main rooms in homes.  If this is where yours will go, know the dimensions of the room in order to buy a model that is suitable for that square footage.  Too much fireplace with too little room will be overwhelming, while too much room and too little fireplace won’t produce optimal results.

If you’re thinking of adding a fireplace to a room such as a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, gas is probably your best bet.  Gas fireplaces come in vented and non-vented varieties and are available in a range of sizes, many perfect for smaller rooms.  They’re pretty straightforward to install and are great when you need fast heat.

4. Maintenance

We touched on maintenance earlier, but here’s a little more on this topic.  All fireplaces require some degree of maintenance to ensure they’re operating safely and correctly.  With a gas fireplace, a quick annual service call from a certified technician is usually all that’s required.  With wood fireplaces, a chimney sweep should visit once a year to perform a thorough inspection and cleaning of the entire fireplace/chimney system.

5. Installation

wood burning fireplaces in burlington wi Before buying your new fireplace, know who is going to install it.  Gas fireplaces are generally easier to install than their wood counterparts, but if you aren’t experienced in working with gas, you should bring in a professional.  Wood fireplaces can be more involved, and their installation should never be undertaken by a novice.

Is it time for a new fireplace?  Burlington Fireplace & Solar of Wisconsin has not only the best individual appliances but also the expertise to help you select the ultimate fireplace for your needs and desires.  Visit us at 857 Milwaukee Ave., or give us a call at (262) 763-3522.

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