What Is Chimney Flashing And Why Is It So Important For Leaks?

What Is Chimney Flashing?

Your chimney is a much more complex structure than you are probably aware of. It has many different components, each with its own important function. One of the most significant components your Chimney has is flashing. What is chimney flashing? It’s vital to the protection of your roof and chimney from leaks. 

chimney repairs in Janesville WIWhat is Flashing?

Flashing is usually made from metal or plastic and is a barrier that is designed to prevent water from penetrating a joint at some point on your roof. Without flashing, your roof would not last very long; it would end up rotting and caving in.

What is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing serves the same purpose as roof flashing: to prevent water from penetrating where your Chimney and roof meet. When properly installed, chimney flashing can last for decades, perhaps even longer than your roof. 

Types of Chimney Flashing Material

As we previously stated, there are many types of flashing, and the same is true of Chimney flashing. Let’s take a look at the various kinds of materials flashing is made from.

Steel Flashing– Steel’s strength is well known and has built a reputation over the centuries for its durability. It’s no surprise that steel has been used in all types of flashing.

Aluminum Flashing- Rust resistant, lightweight, and can be installed on any roof; it’s no wonder aluminum Flashing is popular.

Copper Flashing- With its eye-catching aesthetics, toughness, and lightweight construction, copper remains a popular choice for flashing despite its higher price tag.

PVC or Vinyl- PVC and Vinyl are frequently used for flashing in warm weather climates. They should be avoided in colder climates where they are likely to crack.

Different Types of Chimney Flashing

Base Flashing- This type of flashing is simple to understand. It is used where the roof meets the Chimney.

Step Flashing- Another easy-to-understand flashing is step flashing, which is basically an L-shaped piece of metal that goes under your roof’s shingles and against your Chimney’s brick. Counter flashing or cap flashing works in the same way.

Signs Your Flashing Needs Replacement

It’s easy to spot the signs of faulty or worn-out flashing. Here are a few of the warning signs-

  • Water stains on the ceiling around your Chimney and fireplace.
  • The bricks on your Chimney are discolored from absorbing water.
  • Rust stains from bad flashing on your Chimney.
  • Missing caulking around the flashing.

It is vital that you do not try to fix the flashing yourself if you suspect it’s faulty. Use a qualified chimney sweep service to repair and replace damaged flashing. If you try to do it yourself, you could cause thousands of dollars in damage to your roof or Chimney.

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Let Burlington Fireplace Repair Your Damaged Chimney Flashing

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