Why You Should Give Your Homes Fireplace an Upgrade

Why You Should Upgrade Your Fireplace

The designs for a new home often come with hundreds of decisions and possible upgrades. When you
are making those decisions don’t forget your fireplace. Many have the notion that all fireplaces are alike,
but this is completely untrue. While most homes do come with a “standard” model, quality fireplaces
are available. Here are a few reasons to consider upgrading your fireplace.

wood fireplace wind lake WI#1 A Fireplace is often the center of the home

A fireplace is usually in the center of the living room, where most families hang out. If not the living
room, then a very visible part of the home. Your eye naturally arrives at the fireplace, and it can set the
stage for the room if not the whole house. Investing in an upgraded fireplace can take your home to another level. Knowing that people often decline fireplace upgrades, this is an area where your home
can stand out and apart from other homes in your neighborhood with similar designs.

#2 Consider the benefit of Zone heating

Having a secondary heating source besides your thermostat is called zone heating and it can be very
beneficial. The thermostat regulates heat for the whole house, but this takes some doing, meaning lots
of electricity. Adding an upgraded fireplace allows you to heat the most popular room in the house,
keeping it warm and comfy, which will enable you to keep the thermostat and energy costs down.
Unused rooms won’t need the same amount of heat and the warmth will go and stay where it’s needed.
If you’re knowledgeable and know about zone heating, you may assume that the fireplace that comes
with the original design for your house will be enough. Unfortunately, the original fireplace is what’s
called a “builder grade” model. These are the cheapest and easiest to install but they are not the most
efficient. They are fine for decoration but not the best when it comes to heating the room. Oftentimes
the heat travels out of the chimney when you need it during winter and the air conditioning goes out
during summer. The best way to remedy this is to invest in a quality fireplace so that heat and a/c stay

Choosing a fireplace, Racine WI#4 Affordable.

The main reason people pass on the idea of upgrading the fireplace is that they simply don’t understand
the value. Before you pass up the opportunity for a new fireplace, consider this. The usual cost of an upgraded fireplace is usually around $2,000 to $3,000. This cost is usually rolled into a 30-year mortgage. It sounds like a significant addition, but that total is going to be divided into 30 years! That means a new fireplace would only end up costing about $5 a month! Doing it when you have the chance is much better than waiting years from now and having to come up with all the money at one time.


The make and models of fireplaces can seem endless, if you’re not sure which fireplace would be best
for your new home, give Burlington Fireplace a call at 262- 763-3522 or get a free estimate online.

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