What To do If An Animal Is Stuck Or Nesting In Your Chimney

Unexpected Guests in Your Chimney 

What is that sound in my chimney? Chances are a small animal has gotten into your chimney. He was probably cold and looking for a warm space to nest. Great for him, not for you. During the onset of the colder weather, birds, rodents, and squirrels are looking for a warm place to find comfort. There are some things that you should know if you do hear scratching or chirping in your chimney. You will want to call Burlington Fireplace and Solar if you are having trouble ridding your chimney of these unwelcome guests. We can offer advice. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts you will want to consider when you have an animal stuck in your chimney

animals stuck in chimney in Janesville WIWhat To Do: 

  • Stay calm. You don’t want to get the animal more excited. You know the old adage “They are more afraid of you than you are of them.” This is true with small predators as well. They most likely will not hurt you. They just want to find the exit. 
  • Keep the damper open. The unwelcome guest came in from an open damper, he needs to escape the same way. Be patient and quiet while he finds his way back out. 
  • Keep your glass doors closed. You don’t want whatever it is that is in your fireplace in your home. 
  • Do invest in a chimney cap. A chimney cap will ensure that nothing unwanted will find its way in. 
  • Call Burlington Fireplace and Solar if the animal is stuck or can’t find its way out they can direct you to call animal control if needed. 

What you Don’t want to do: 

  • Don’t light a fire to try and smoke them out. This is dangerous to the animals and may kill them. If you detect an animal in your fireplace never light a fire. 
  • Don’t keep the damper open after you have a cold fireplace. Leaving it open only invites small animals in. To them, your chimney looks like a hollow tree. A place to get warm or to build a nest. 
  • Never try to get the animal out on your own. This is a job for a professional. It is dangerous for you to reach in and try to get it out. Using a net or other cloth can easily get wrapped around its neck and cause damage. 

chimney obstructions in Pewaukee WIThe best thing to do if you are faced with this situation is to remain calm. Be patient. Follow the To Do list found here. If you do not have luck with these tips, call Burlington Fireplace and Solar, we are more than happy to help or suggest a solution. Call us at Burlington Fireplace and Solar at 262-763-3522 for all your chimney needs. We can schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning. You may also contact us online for a free estimate. Our team of experienced chimney experts will quickly identify and address the cause of any issue. 

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