Wood-Burning Fire Pits Can Help Create An Inviting Backyard

4 Tips for Buying a Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Fire pits for EntertainingThere’s something about outdoor wood fires that changes the atmosphere and the mood of a gathering with friends and family. In the same backyard setting, the likelihood of people being compelled to visit frequently at night is greatly increased if there is a wood-burning fire pit. A fire brings more than heat for the body—somehow it brings warmth to the soul, which is welcome in any season. Fire pits represent an area of the hearth industry that, in recent years, has grown in popularity at a rapid pace.

The following are four tips to help you make the right decision about a wood-burning fire pit for your backyard recreational fires.

1-Permanent or Portable Fire Pit?

You have a few options that will determine how much pleasure you derive from your wood-burning fire pit. Possibly the biggest decision you’ll make is whether to have a portable fire pit or a permanent fire pit. If you build a permanent fixture, it will make sense to create an entire setting around the fire pit so that it can be enjoyed with friends and family year-around.

If you get a portable fire pit, you can move it to different areas and place it where a crowd has gathered. You can also bring a portable fire pit with you to enjoy at a park, a company picnic, a family reunion, and anywhere you want to safely enjoy an outdoor fire—though it’s important to know whether the use of a fire pit is legal wherever you plan to go with it.

square shaped fire pit2-Fire Pit Styles / Materials

You can have a fire pit constructed of masonry, such as fire bricks or rocks, and use a metal sleeve, which helps give shape and structure to your fire pit. You may choose a steel, cast iron, or copper fire pit. It’s good to get the help of a hearth expert since they can provide information that could help you choose the size of your fire pit, the material it’s made with, and even the style.

3-Placement of your Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Depending on where you live, local ordinances may dictate where you can put a fire pit for recreational fires. There are a few basic rules of thumb that should be followed for safety purposes. Of course, fire pits should never be used inside your home or any enclosed structure, according to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA). A wood-burning fire pit does not belong on a wooden deck, near your home, under any type of overhang, or near anything that might be prone to catch fire.

4-Contact Burlington Fireplace & Heating

Our experts at Burlington Fireplace & Heating can work with homeowners, builders, and/or designers to help make all the determinations related to buying a wood-burning fire pit or a gas fire pit. This includes help with location, heat output, practicality, finish options, and more. We also have the expertise to construct wood-burning fire pits, providing the ideal structure of the perfect size with the look you want for your outdoor living space. Call us at Burlington Fireplace today at 262-763-3522 or visit our showroom located at 857 Milwaukee Avenue (Hwy 36); Burlington, WI.

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