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Burlington Fireplace & Solar has proudly served residents of Tichigan, WI, since 1995. We're the leading provider of certified chimney sweeping and fireplace cleaning services for towns throughout southeast WI, and northeast IL, like Big Bend, Vernon, Mukwonago, Waterford, Muskego, Wind Lake, Honey Creek, Rochester, Union Church, and more.

Many homeowners in Tichigan, WI, own wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, gas or wood stoves, or pellet stoves as primary or supplemental heating systems. And each of these requires annual inspection, cleaning, and maintenance to ensure they run safely and efficiently. To ensure your fireplace and chimney remain in good condition, start by hiring a reputable chimney service company for annual maintenance and cleaning.

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Expert Chimney Inspection

There's no substitute for a yearly chimney inspection conducted by a trained professional. But you may wonder what a chimney inspection is and why it's so important.

A chimney inspection is when a certified professional evaluates your chimney or venting system to assess its health and whether it's safe to use or not. A yearly chimney inspection is essential because it allows you to detect problems like flue blockages, creosote buildup, cracks, leaks, and damage that can impede your chimney's performance and put your home at risk of a fire.

The sad fact is that most chimney fires happen because

of minor problems that went undetected until they literally blew up into catastrophes. Hiring a professional chimney sweep for annual inspection allows peace of mind knowing that your chimney and fireplace are safe to operate.

Our technicians are certified for all three levels of chimney inspection, which include:

  • Level 1 inspection is the most common, and it's part of routine chimney maintenance. During a level 1 inspection, our technicians check all of your chimney and fireplace's visible interior and exterior portions for signs of deterioration and damage.
  • A level 2 inspection is performed when a homeowner installs a new chimney or fireplace insert, replaces the flue liner, or switches fuel sources for their fireplace or stove. Level 2 inspections are also required when selling a home.
  • Level 3 inspections are only required when you think there's damage that has compromised your chimney's structural integrity. In most cases, this inspection happens after a chimney fire, seismic event, or in the event of extreme weather.

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Professional Chimney Sweeping

While a fireplace or stove is a beautiful home centerpiece that keeps you warm, many people don't realize that every time you burn wood, it produces a byproduct called creosote, which can be extremely dangerous as it starts as a flaky coating along your chimney's internal walls but quickly builds up into a thick, sticky substance that's difficult to remove without the help of a professional. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the number one cause of chimney fires is creosote buildup because it's highly flammable and can ignite at temperatures as low as 451 degrees. Our chimney sweep service removes this harmful buildup even if it's already hardened, so you can use your fireplace without fear of starting a devastating fire that can spread to your roof and home.

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Chimney Cleaning Services In Tichigan, WI

Do you know when the last time you had your chimney cleaned by a professional was? Unfortunately, you're not alone if you can't. Many homeowners either forget about cleaning their chimneys or mean to get around to it but never do. Like chimney sweeping, routine chimney cleaning is essential to keep your system venting efficiently and protect your family against hazardous carbon monoxide and other toxic gases from flowing back into your home.

We recommend yearly chimney cleaning (preferably in the fall or spring) to prolong your chimney and fireplace's lifespan and protect you from harm. Our certified chimney 

sweeps provide cleaning services you can trust throughout Tichigan, WI, and the entire southeastern WI and northeastern IL region.

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Choosing the Right Chimney Sweep

While regular chimney cleaning and maintenance are essential for keeping your fireplace and chimney safe, you must be aware that not all chimney cleaning services are created equal. Chimney sweeping is an unregulated industry, and there's no requirement for certification. Knowing that chimney damage creosote and obstructions can lead to chimney and house fires, choosing your chimney service company wisely is essential to your home and family's safety.

When looking for a reliable chimney sweep, look for a company with the experience and certification 

demonstrating they know what they're doing and perform safe, high-quality work. The chimney service you choose should be certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, be licensed, insured, and bonded, and be willing to provide references upon request.

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When you hire Burlington Fireplace & Solar, you get fully licensed, insured, and certified technicians. We arrive at your home in professionally marked vehicles with the necessary tools to complete the job as quickly as possible. Our technicians are easy to identify with active CSIA badges on their uniforms, and you can rest assured our professionals know chimneys and fireplaces inside and out.

If you're a homeowner in Tichigan, WI, and need reliable chimney and fireplace services you can trust to keep your family and home safe, call Burlington Fireplace & Solar at 262-763-3522 to schedule an appointment, or fill out our convenient online form. We proudly serve residents throughout Big Bend, Vernon, Muskego, Wind Lake, Rochester, Waterford, Burlington, Rosewood, Union Grove, and communities in southeastern WI and northeastern IL.

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