5 Fireplace Tools You Should Know About

The Most Common Fireplace Tools

Not everyone was born with a silver screwdriver in their back pocket, in fact, many women and an increasing number of men admit they don’t have or know how to use “common” handheld tools. This is even truer when it comes to tools for the fireplace. They may look decorative, but each tool has a specific purpose. 

Fireplace services Janesville, WIBellows

Fireplace bellows are one of the most interesting looking of the fireplace tools. If you ever played with them as a kid, you know what I mean, but what are they for?  When the two “legs” or handles are pulled apart it fills with air and pushing the handles together expels the air.

Flames need oxygen to burn so completing this motion next to flames causes the flames to burn brighter and stronger.

This instrument isn’t a “must have” but it allows you to save your breath and keep your face further from the flames, so it’s a win.


If you are familiar with any fireplace tool, it’s probably this one. Almost every fireplace new or old has a poker nearby. The fireplace poker’s job is just what it says. It enables a person to “poke” or adjust wood or coal. This is a job that simply can’t be done by hand, so a poker is a very useful tool.

Fireplace Tongs

Way too large for a salad, fireplace tongs are just the right size to pick up burning logs and move them around in order to provide more air for the fire. Tongs can also double as a poker, so it becomes a very valuable tool. Some would say it is the most important tool because of its versatility. As you can see with these two tools, the goal is to allow you to manipulate and control the fire while keeping your hands safe.

Fireplace Shovel

The burning wood will eventually turn to ash and, if you want your roaring fires to continue, it must be removed. A fireplace shovel allows you to remove ash from the fireplace or just move it around the fireplace if need be. A hardy shovel will be invaluable, if your fireplace gets a lot of use.

Fireplace Broom or Brush

After ash has been removed, you will find that there’s more! Lots more ends up on the walls of your fireplace and in the corners. That ash has to be removed periodically so a good broom and/or brush dedicated for this purpose, is a necessity. They come in a variety of sizes, some smaller to get into corners and keep your firebox clean.

Fireplace cleaning and inspection Wadsworth, ILThis is a very basic review of the types of tools you will need for a fireplace and what they’re used for. Professional chimney sweeps use even more tools to clean off creosote and high-tech tools to see exactly what ails your chimney.

If you haven’t used any tools on your chimney for a while, and know your chimney is due for a cleaning or inspection, give us a call to schedule your appointment today. You’ll be glad you did!

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