Solar Power Home Battery - Tesla's Powerwall Next Thing in Solar Energy

Tesla Offers Powerwall, to Store Solar Energy for the Home

Tesla's New Home Battery - Solar PowerIn April of 2015, Tesla introduced Powerwall, a home battery that offers a common sense approach to using solar energy. Powerwall offers the advantages of supplying solar power in the evenings and functioning as a backup electricity supply. Powerwall is a sensible new approach to help homeowners gain independence from the utility grid. Reserved, sold-out units are being delivered in the summer of 2015. While the unit may not be cost-effective for all consumers in the U.S., it is 50% less expensive than power-storage systems previously available on the market. Powerwall represents progress toward off-the-grid technology & solar energy.

Powerwall was created with a few facts in mind, including the following key points:

  • Most consumers use more electricity in the morning and evening, as opposed to during the day, when there is an abundant amount of solar energy.
  • Normally, excess solar energy is sold to a power company and then purchased back at night. This method contributes to an increase in carbon emissions.
  • Powerwall remedies the gap between demand and renewable energy supply by storing the power, making it available when you need it.

Avoid Peak Electricity Rates

Many power companies charge more for electricity during peak evening hours, as opposed to overnight, when there is much less of a demand. When electricity rates are high, Powerwall can store it. The system can then powers your home during hours when the rates are high. In addition, if the utility company has a power outage, Powerwall automatically switches to battery power.

A Functional Solution

The transition to solar energy has partly been hindered by the lack of technology that makes the sun’s energy available in a practical way. For example, current generation home battery systems are bulky, expensive to install, and expensive to maintain. Powerwall introduces innovation. Tesla has proven automotive battery technology, and now it is being used to power homes safely and affordably. Powerwall installs easily, requires no maintenance, and is entirely automated.

Power Capacity

Powerwall offers daily and weekly cycle models, and they both come with a ten-year guarantee. The home batteries provide enough electricity to power most homes during peak evening hours. For homes with greater energy needs, multiple batteries can be installed together.

How Powerwall Works

Solar Power Home Battery By TeslaHome solar installations of a Powerwall system include solar panels, an electrical converter, and a home battery which stores surplus solar energy for later use.

First, solar panels are installed on your roof in an array that captures the most sunlight throughout the day. The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity which then gets sent to the home battery.

Powerwall, the home battery, stores the surplus electricity that is generated from solar panels or from the utility grid during hours when rates are low.

Finally, the inverter converts the direct current electricity from a home battery or from solar panels into the alternating current used by your home’s appliances, lights, and other electrical devices.

Homeowners looking for a sensible approach to getting off the grid should turn to solar power and the Powerwall home battery system. If you have any questions on the benefits of solar or how Tesla’s home battery can get you towards energy efficiency, call us today.

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