Summer Fireplace Myths You Need To Know

Summer Fireplace Myths You Need To Know

Don’t get caught up in all the myths about fireplaces. There are many avenues that you can research the care of your fireplace. Don’t be distracted by everything you read. Let Burlington Fireplace & Solar keep you informed on what is a myth and what is not.

Here are some myths about fireplaces. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Level 1, 2, and 3 chimney inspections in Mount Pleasant WI#1: I don’t use my fireplace to make fires. There is no maintenance needed.

INCORRECT. Your chimney rises well above your home. It is still subject to the wind, rain, and snow that come with inclement weather. It is important to inspect your fireplace yourself but also to have a yearly inspection.

#2: My fireplace isn’t used so I don’t need a cleaning.

INCORRECT. Your chimney, like any other area of your home, is subject to dust. Your chimney can use a sweep due to the dust, dirt, and other debris that accumulates. You must also consider any small animals or rodents that may find your chimney for relief from the cold. It is a warm inviting place after all.

#3: I have my chimney swept once a year. That is good enough to avoid smells.

INCORRECT. Summer rain and high temperatures can create mold and mildew if left alone. You can have smells in the summer as well. Consider getting a cleaning twice a year, especially if you use your fire often.

#4: Woodburning fireplaces are for outside only.

INCORRECT. Imagine the ambiance of a full fireplace in your backyard. You can have a fireplace with a full chimney built on your patio. Cozy and right next to your house. A comfy outdoor sectional, an outdoor TV and you are ready to spend your summers outdoors, day and night.

#5: I Can clean my chimney myself.

INCORRECT. All Do-It-Yourselfers think they can do everything. Well, there are many things that we can do, or try. When taking on the task of cleaning your chimney I would suggest a professional. A technician at Burlington Fireplace and Solar will be able to spot any concerns. Our staff are professionally trained and certified. We have the equipment to do the job. We will come into your home and do a thorough job cleaning and making your fireplace safe for you and your family. We will visualize all aspects of your fireplace. The inside and out, and all areas of your chimney system. We can identify minor to major issues and tell how to take care of the.

Chimney Sweeping in Janesville WICall the Professionals!

It’s always best to contact a certified professional to do the work on your chimney. We at Burlington Fireplace and Solar are here to help.

Our experienced technicians at Burlington Fireplace & Solar also provide CSIA-certified chimney sweeping. We provide licensed chimney inspections and a full menu of chimney repair as well as rebuilding services. If it’s time to have your chimney looked at, call the experts at (262) 763-3522. You can also get in touch through our simple contact form.

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