This Year Is The Year For Solar Panel Innovation and Improvements

Solar Panel Innovation: What’s New in 2019

solar panelsAs solar energy continues its expansion through America and the rest of the world, new innovations that enhance the solar experience continue rolling out. This year will see several cutting-edge advances in the areas of solar panel aesthetics and product improvements.

Frameless panels

The frames in which solar panels sit are considered by many homeowners the least aesthetically pleasing element of a solar PV installation. Manufacturers are working to solve this problem by creating frameless solar modules. Other companies are designing the unique mounting systems that will allow the frameless panels to be installed safely and efficiently.

Clear panels

A new style of panel that incorporates glass instead of the traditional opaque backing material is being manufactured. Two glass casings will house the same silicon cell technology found in former panels, but the new version is much more visually attractive. In addition, glass panels are more resistant to fire and less likely to suffer from erosion. At this time, the product is being used primarily in Europe for large-scale solar installations.

Solar tiles

Tesla has created a way to bring solar to a home in a way that doesn’t look anything like a traditional solar installation. Solar remarkably resemble regular roofing tiles and add beauty to any home. With product names like Tuscan glass, textured glass, smooth glass tiles and slate glass, these new solar tiles not only do an exceptional job in bringing solar power to a home, they’re considerably sturdier and more durable than today’s standard roofing materials.

New solar skins

A Boston design firm has come up with a way to provide all the advanced technology of solar panels without a stark contrast in appearance as they lay on a roof. The new solar skins are designed in a way that will blend handsomely with the color of surrounding roofing materials or other exterior aesthetics of the home.

Why now is the time to switch to solar

Aside from new design styles to bring a more sophisticated and seamless look to solar panel installations, there are a number of reasons more and more people are making the move to solar energy.

Less dependence on the local power grid: When your home is powered by solar, you distance yourself from the grid and its toxic methods of creating electricity, which include generating plants that produce significant levels of air pollution.

Lower utility bills: While most solar users continue to tap into local electricity to some degree, all users enjoy noticeable reductions in their monthly electric bills.

Solar HomeAn investment that really pays off: By creating your own free energy and by taking advantage of valuable incentives (see below), you can have your system completely paid for in eight to 10 years. In fact, your system will start paying you back the day it’s installed.

Solar Investment Tax Credit: Through the end of 2019, new solar installations are eligible for a 30% tax credit against the cost of the system. That percentage will drop to 26% and 22% over the following two years, respectively, before ending in 2022.

These are just a few of the reasons why now is the perfect time to go solar. Learn more about the amazing benefits of clean solar energy and what’s new in the industry in 2019 by contacting Burlington Fireplace & Solar at (262) 763-3522.

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