Solar Energy Benefits for Homeowners in Wisconsin

Solar Energy Benefits Wisconsin Should Take Advantage of

Solar Energy in WisconsinMost consumers don’t realize it, but our state is graced by enough sunshine to supply at least double our current level of electricity needs. That’s the magic of solar power: the only thing required is the sun, which will be with us until the end of time.

The message is clear to Wisconsin homeowners and owners of businesses and commercial facilities. Our opportunities are vast for shifting ourselves off the traditional power grid and onto the never-ending, abundantly supplied and environmentally friendly energy from the sun.

At the forefront of the solar movement is RENEW Wisconsin, a Madison-based organization dedicated to advocacy, education and collaboration to accelerate the future of renewable energy in our state. The organization works to advance solar energy policies that benefit consumers and businesses as well as solar installation companies.

Net Metering

With this policy, customers get a credit when they use less solar power than they generate during specific times of the day and at certain periods during the year. Think of it like minutes that roll over on your phone. Net metering is a critical element of the payback rate for solar customers. RENEW Wisconsin continues to call for solid policies in support of people using clean energy when utility rate issues arise.

Community Solar Programs

These great programs make it possible for people to own individual solar panels within a vast array of active solar panels. The first of these community programs was initiated by Vernon Electric Cooperative. In that instance, a thousand panels were bought in less than a month for a 305-kW project.

Focus on Energy

This is a beneficial rebate program for all residents of Wisconsin, from homeowners and businesses to government entities and nonprofit organizations. Focus on Energy rewards these groups and individuals for installing renewable energy systems and upgrading current systems to enhance efficiency.

More jobs in Wisconsin

Solar is spreading throughout the country in homes and businesses, and that means a significant increase in jobs. As advocates continue to expound to lawmakers and private citizens the benefits of solar energy, even more job growth is predicted to go hand-in-hand with the strengthening of our economy.

But in order for Wisconsin to make full use of the advantages of solar energy, we’ll need to address the fact that in 2012, for example, more than two-thirds of our electricity was generated by natural gas, coal and oil – all of which had to be brought in from other states, benefiting them but not us. The cost of this outsourcing: almost $16 billion annually.

Solar Energy Installations near Milwaukee WIThe good news is, Wisconsin has a huge solar capacity built and ready to be tapped in to. Burlington Fireplace & Heating encourages all residents to take advantage of our solar resources. It’s good for homeowners, business owners and everybody else. And it’s a ready-made jobs industry.

We believe in solar, and we want you to be a believer, as well. Stop by our showroom on Milwaukee Ave. and see how we’ve “gone solar” and learn how you can, too. Visit us, or reach us by phone at (262) 763-3522.

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