How To Fix A Smelly Chimney And Causes Behind It

Why Does My Fireplace Smell Bad and How Can I Fix It?

Does your fireplace smell bad? If it smells like lingering bonfire for multiple days, this could be pretty irritating — especially if your fireplace is in a main living area. Luckily, there are some solutions to get rid of these smells. Let’s take a closer look at why this may be occurring. 

Why is this happening?

Some people may even think it’s a normal or expected smell to experience. However, if it is very strong, that is not the case. It may surprise you to know that there are actually several reasons for this smell. While fire residue is a very common cause, it’s not the only one.

chimeney inspections in Mukwonago WISmelly Fireplace Culprits:

Creosote buildup

Creosote is the main cause of a smelly fireplace, but it is a very natural, expected byproduct of fires. As homeowners have fires, creosote accumulates on the inner walls of your chimney. It eventually creates a tar like substance and is rather difficult to clean on your own. This also comes with a distinct smell and could pose a fire risk if it is neglected. The smells also get stronger if cleanings are missed or put off for too long. This is usually the first thing chimney professionals will investigate — especially if it’s been a while in between your cleanings. 

Water Issues

With heavy rain or snow, water can accumulate inside your fireplace if there are cracks. If this buildup grows and sits, it can lead to standing water, and a moldy, musky smell.

Animal debris, droppings, or remains

Unfortunately, the warm environment of a fireplace is inviting for critters to nest in. Sometimes, they find their way into fireplaces and may have a hard time finding their way back out. Decaying animals have a distinct, unpleasant smell that may require professionals to remove the remains.

While each of these can impact the smell of your chimney, they come with distinct different smells. If you can’t pinpoint the exact cause, you may want to contact a professional to help.

Getting rid of any of these smells

No matter the root cause of the issue, it’s best to contact a local chimney professional. Likely, the first step will be an annual inspection and cleaning to address any buildup or easy solutions. The overwhelming smell indicates that you should start with a cleaning. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) highly recommends that homeowners get a chimney sweep every year. But, if homeowners have more frequent fires, they may require more cleanings per year.

If smelly issues remain after this cleaning, our professional team can investigate other causes and determine the correct solution for your home.

smelly chimney is Pewaukee WIReady to get rid of a smelly chimney?

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