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How Seniors Can Cut Costs with Solar Energy

solar panel install to cut energyThe largest segment of the U.S. population is made up of senior citizens age 65 and over, and the majority of them believe solar energy is a good thing. Retired homeowners are often at risk for foreclosure on their home, due to the struggles of living on a fixed income. An effective cost-cutting solution that many seniors have discovered is the use of solar energy.

Solar panels and solar water heaters are the most popular options for solar in the home. Of course, any type of solar energy system that a person may opt to use involves a large upfront investment before the savings kick in. Fortunately, many local and state governments offer solar initiatives to homeowners on a fixed or limited income, to decrease or defer the cost of solar equipment.

The Purpose of Solar Initiatives

The subsidies for the purchase and installation of solar equipment are provided for the following reasons and more:

  • Reduce energy costs without having an increase in monthly expenses.
  • Decrease the amount of electricity being used.
  • To ensure that homeowners of all means and regardless of income can access solar energy.
  • Provide incentives that cover some or all the costs for low-income homeowners to have cost-cutting solar energy.
  • Develop environmentally friendly and affordable sustainable energy solutions.
  • To lower the cost of solar ownership with a more significant incentive than what is typically available.

Top Solar Systems to Choose From

Solar Panels

Solar panels are made up of solar cells that convert sunlight directly into electricity. The panels collect sunlight, and they are placed in positions that ensure they get the most sunlight possible. More sophisticated versions of solar panels are mounted on tracking devices that allow the panels to capture the most sunlight throughout the course of each day.

Solar Water Heaters

Another popular way to tap into the sun’s energy is to have solar water heaters installed. The water heated by the sun can heat the water used in a home or the water in a swimming pool. There are two parts to a home water heating system: A solar collector and a storage tank. A flat-plate solar collector is mounted on the roof at an angle that gets the most sun. A network of tubes run through the flat, rectangular box. The tubes carry the water to an absorber plate. When the heat from the sun builds up, the water that passes through the tubes is heated. A well-insulated tank holds the hot water and keeps it hot until it is used.

lake geneva wi solar panel installation Solar System Installation

Burlington Fireplace & Solar offers professional solar installation and demonstrates their commitment to solar energy at their Burlington WI store on Milwaukee Avenue. A 24-modul array of solar panels has been installed at the front of the store, and the solar panels are expected to provide the store’s annual electricity needs. In addition to installing solar panels and solar water heaters, Burlington offers solar attic fans and outdoor solar lighting installation. Contact the experts at Burlington Fireplace & Solar by calling 262-763-3522, no matter how large or small the solar system you are interested in, to meet your needs.

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