Rekindle Your Gas Fireplace Investment with These Upgrades

Rekindling Your Fireplace Investment with These Tips

ambiance fireplace insertA gas fireplace provides all the ambiance and drama that perpetually make fireplaces top amenities among local homeowners in South Eastern Wisconsin. Your home value is increased with a gas fireplace, as well.

There are ways to rekindle your romance with your gas fireplace, if it has gone a bit dim. The following are a few suggestions for making the most of your investment.

Upgrade Fireplace Filaments

The filaments in your gas fireplace, such as embers and logs, can be expected to last pretty much indefinitely. After a couple of years of use, however, the embers could lose some of their original brilliance. You can replace the filaments, including creating an entirely new look. Innovation is constantly creating a wider range of beautiful options for fireplace accessories and filaments, including embers and faux logs. Product improvements can be especially obvious with faux logs. Once made of concrete, they are now made with a material the flames can touch without creating soot on the glass or carbon buildup; the material is ceramic fiber. With this new type of log, the fires in gas fireplaces are more realistic than ever.

To switch things up, you could add blue fire glass, a ceramic fiber charred log set, black volcanic rock cinders, hollyhock birch logs, earth tone mix fire glass, or choose from many other options. New filaments can modernize your gas fireplace and provide fresh enjoyment.

Change the Surround and Add Enhancements

There are decorative surrounds to match any décor, and many of them are easy to interchange. It can be practically effortless to completely modify the look of your gas fireplace. You could change from a colonial look to Southwestern, rustic, or elegant and modern.

To enhance the realism of your gas fireplace, you could invest in an electric crackler, which mimics the sounds of a wood-burning fire. Scent burners are also available that can fill your home with the aroma of a wood fire.

Enhance your Gas Fireplace        

Gas fireplaces are highly efficient. Increase the effectiveness of home heating with a gas fireplace by investing in blower fans. Improve the appeal and convenience of your gas fireplace with timers, thermostats, or remote controls. These enhancements can help you make the most of your gas heater while also wasting less fuel.


Gas Fireplaces near Burlington WIA yearly inspection and annual maintenance performed by certified technicians are recommended for gas fireplaces. Proper upkeep will ensure that your gas fireplace has optimal performance. Scheduling service during spring, summer, or early fall is recommended, before the usual rush of people with fireplaces getting ready for winter.

Among other important services, the professional technician will inspect the operation of the electronic igniter or pilot flame, the positioning of the filaments, the heat-exchange area, and the valve pressure as well as ensuring that the electrical connections are secure. It may be suggested that the interior of your fireplace be repainted. As a do-it-yourself task, you may want to remove and clean the fireplace glass or doors.

Gas fireplaces are truly a luxury, providing the pleasantness of fires in winter along with the convenience of gas. Contact our expert technicians today, for help rekindling your satisfaction with your gas fireplace.

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