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Refacing Your Old Fireplace for a Fresh New Look

racine wi custom fireplaces and fireplace refacingIt’s always fun thinking about new ideas for sprucing up a home to make it more comfortable and appealing.  But whether you are planning a partial or complete home remodel, you will want to consider refacing your old fireplace for a fresh new look.

The process for refacing a fireplace is similar to that of refacing your kitchen or bath countertops. Instead of tearing out the old masonry or stone fireplace, new materials are installed right over it. You can have a gorgeous custom fireplace that looks like new for a fraction of the cost of a complete rebuild.

Fireplace Makeover Ideas

There are a seemingly endless variety of materials to choose from in all sorts of colors, shapes and textures for a distinctive stylish new look. There’s brick, stone, travertine, copper and steel, to name a few. For example, if you’re tired of a brick fireplace and want something more unique, you can reface it with stone veneer or even travertine.  Stone veneer is one of the most popular materials for refacing a fireplace today. It looks and feels like real stone, but weighs much less. And since no two stone pieces are exactly identical, your fireplace is a custom work of art. But if you want a more trendy appearance that will stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with copper or steel refacing.

DIY or Professional Installation

While refacing a fireplace may seem like an easy DIY project, professional installation is always recommended. This is because it is not as easy as it looks, especially if this is your first attempt. You will need to calculate the measurements, source enough material, buy the correct equipment and have some home remodeling know-how to get it done. Also, you will need to carefully remove and replace the mantle without damaging the piece (not so easy) or the wall. Otherwise, you could spend days on a DIY refacing project and end up with an eyesore, not to mention the wasted time and materials.

Updating on a Budget

fireplace refacing in burlington wiProfessional fireplace replacing can save the average homeowner lots of time, money and frustration. Having completed tons of fireplace refacing all over town, homeowners will benefit from our vast experience. Many of our customers often ask us to help them design a fresh look for their fireplace that best matches their home décor and budget. Most professional fireplace refacing can be completed in just a few hours, depending on the amount of square feet. Floor to ceiling fireplaces will take a bit longer.

Once your fireplace refacing is finished, you will be able to sit back and admire your home’s stylish new look. Your family and friends will think you spent thousands of dollars on a custom fireplace, but nobody has to know. It will be our little secret. To get your fireplace refaced or if you have questions, give us a call at (262) 763-3522.  You can visit us at 857 Milwaukee Ave. in Burlington.


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