Summer is the Perfect Time for A Fireplace Makeover

Tips for Redecorating a Fireplace in Summer

Is your fireplace looking a little sad after the holidays? Or is it still wearing the same décor from last year? Summer is the perfect time to give your fireplace a new lease on life! The first step to addressing your fireplace begins with a chimney inspection or professional chimney cleaning. This will ensure that any issues have been addressed and your chimney is clean and ready to go. After that, let the decorating begin. There are 3 places to consider when decorating a fireplace.

Fireplace Installation Kenosha, WIThe Mantel

This is the “made-for-decorating” shelf that sits on top of your fireplace. You’ll often see them decorated with wreaths or family pictures, but you can broaden your horizons with a few simple ideas. The rule of 3 is a decorating principle that groups items of various heights in odd numbers, this formula is very appealing to the eye. The most common items to grace mantels are…

Vases or Urns – Slender vases or urns provide height and draw the eye upwards
Plants – Add freshness and bring life to an empty space 
Mirrors/Artwork – can be layered large, medium, or small for interesting effects
Candlesticks – provide a welcoming feeling of warmth and bring height.

The inside of a fireplace

There are an astounding array of choices when it comes to cut or decorative logs. Different colors, types and shapes abound. A clean firebox filled to the brim with clean stacked firewood can be very attractive. Other choices are…

Books – Stacked books are very attractive and add interest in an unexpected space
Artwork – a large piece of artwork can feel like a fireplace screen.
Plants – many of the same things that go on the mantel can also help decorate inside the firebox. A large plant sitting inside of the firebox can awaken your house for spring and summer.
The decorative items that can go inside of your fireplace are limitless!

Fireplace Mantel and surround in Walworth, WIThe Hearth

The word “hearth” describes the space that is about 16” to 20” in front and to the side of your fireplace. This can be a bit of a “no man’s land” that feels empty and purposeless. Adding a few accessories can give definition and purpose to the space and have it complement your mantel. 

Having the decorations on the hearth match or echo what’s on the mantel, will add necessary cohesiveness to the whole look.

Vases/Urns, plants, and artwork are all great additions to the hearth, and you can follow the same decorating techniques above.
Soft details such as throw blankets in a basket or large pillows are also good choices.
Tie the mantel and hearth together using similar, colors, textures, items, or themes.

When winter rolls out and summer rolls in, a fireplace can be made current with a few of the ideas mentioned above and a chimney inspection or cleaning. Call Burlington Fireplace at 262-763-3522 or contact us online for all of your fireplace needs. Leave the cleaning to us and we’ll leave the decorating to you.

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