What’s The Easiest Way To Prolong The Life Span Of My Fire Pit?

Prolong the Life of Your Fire Pit with these Simple Tips

Fire pits are ideal because they conveniently and affordably provide all the joys of outdoor fires. However, fire pits have a potential downside. They will not last long unless they are used and maintained properly. Making sure your fire pit lasts is simple, and helpful tips follow.

Buy the Highest Quality Fire Pit

Outdoor FirepitWhen you are preparing to buy a fire pit, consider stretching your budget as much as possible to ensure that you buy one made with high-quality material. The thickness of the fire pit and the material it is made with are two essential deciding factors as regards quality, longevity, and assurance of safety. Cheap models are available, but the saying “you get what you pay for,” definitely applies to fire pits. Among the most durable fire pits are those constructed of cast-iron, heavy-duty steel, or bronze.

Provide Protection

Your fire pit is subject to all the harsh elements in nature. From snow and ice to rain and brutal sun, weather can take a toll on fire pits. This problem is solved by keeping a cover on your fire pit when it is not in use. It is usually not a problem to find a cover that fits because many fire pit covers are available in all sizes and shapes.

If yours is a portable fire pit, you have the option of bringing it to a safe place for storage. Garages, storage sheds, and covered back porches are all perfectly suitable for fire pit storage. By protecting it from the onslaught of moisture, freezing temperatures, and heat, it should last far longer.

Never Use Flammable Liquids

When getting a wood fire started in your fire pit, never give in to the temptation to speed things along by throwing on some people in the vicinity to suffer severe burns. There is also the risk of causing property damage. This type of ill-advised practice can accelerate the deterioration of your fire pit, as well.

Burn Only Seasoned Firewood

Fire pit installations in Oconomowoc WIIt may seem harmless to burn trash or pieces of treated lumber in your fire pit, but it is actually quite harmful. Treated lumber and most types of trash typically release toxic chemicals and fumes when consumed in a fire. Burning green wood is always a bad choice for fires because all of the energy of the fire goes toward burning out moisture, which creates excessive smoke. Fire pits are meant for fires fueled by low-moisture firewood, which is another way of saying that it is “seasoned” firewood.

Let Fires Extinguish Naturally

There may be times when you need to get your fire out quickly due to some type of unexpected emergency. Keep in mind, however, that it won’t help your fire pit last longer if you spray it with all the chemicals in fire extinguisher materials or if you throw water on a fire. Dousing flames with water could cause the fire pit to crack because of the rapid change in temperature.

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