Save Time and Money - Get Professional Fireplace or Stove Installation

Hire a Professional for Fireplace or Stove Installation

fireplace and stove install, Oconomowoc WIA fireplace or stove that is incorrectly installed usually costs the owner a lot of money in the long run to re-do things that weren’t done right to start with. Improper installation also can put the home and the family that lives in it at risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

That all sounds pretty dramatic – because it is. Fireplaces and stoves are not appliances that are suited for do-it-yourself installation. Only professional installers have the experience and knowledge needed to get your new fireplace or stove set up as it was intended and ensure that it provides safe operation.

5 advantages of using a professional for fireplace and stove installation

1. Compliance with local safety and building codes: Depending on where you live, your county or municipality may have some specific requirements that must be followed when installing heating appliances that run on gas or wood.

The installer you choose should be aware of current fire-safety and building codes that must be adhered to when setting up a new fireplace or stove. Overlooking this important aspect of installation can mean big headaches (and expense) down the line.

2. Safety of surrounding materials: With certain types of fireplaces and stoves, there may be guidelines about how close the units can safely be set to walls, insulation, beams and other home building materials.

Professional installers are familiar with the safety specs of the models and brands of appliances they install. The average homeowner rarely has this knowledge.

3. Venting efficiency: Zero-clearance fireplaces, fireplace inserts and heating stoves typically come with their own vent pipes. However, this in itself doesn’t guarantee that venting will be safe and efficient.

Your fireplace/stove installer will assemble all the pieces correctly and then perform a venting test to make sure everything is working as it should. The danger with insufficient venting is a backup of carbon monoxide (CO), which is invisible, odorless and potentially deadly.

4. Room ventilation: For a stove or fireplace to vent properly, your home must supply sufficient air for a draft. A home that’s too air-tight won’t accomplish this and can set the stage for smoke and CO backups.

In some cases, your installer may recommend that an auxiliary vent be added to your home. This is more likely when you have a stove or fireplace that burns at very high wattage.

gas lines installed, Antioch IL5. Gas lines: For gas fireplaces, inserts and heating stoves, a gas line will have to be run to the appliance and fitted correctly. The same goes for gas log sets that you place in an existing firebox.

Both natural gas and propane must be discharged at the proper rate to reduce the risk of the fuel not fully combusting and making its way into the room. Professional installers know how to properly hook up and calibrate the gas supply.

Fireplaces, stoves and inserts are simple appliances to operate, but their installation requires an experienced technician who can ensure that everything is done right and according to spec.

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