Preparing a Gas Fireplace for the Summer

How Do I Prepare My Fireplace For the Summer?

The warm days of summer mean different things to different people. Fun in the sun but also summer cleaning!  For some reason, a gas fireplace isn’t always on the list. If you have a gas fireplace here are some maintenance issues you should keep in mind.

Gas Chimney Services Oconomowic, WIThe Pilot Light

A frequently asked question regarding fireplace cleaning is “should I turn off the pilot light?” This question has a complicated answer. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of turning off the pilot light during summer.

Benefits of Turning off the Pilot Light

  1. Many Homeowners don’t realize that they can save between $50 to $150 in summer if they do shut off their pilot light.
  2. Some homes end up being unusually hot.  You can avoid excess heat by turning off the pilot light.
  3. The mechanisms of a fireplace will last longer
  4. Less cleaning of parts like glass doors

Reasons to leave the Pilot Light On

  1. A pilot light evaporates moisture, without it, the moisture can cause damage to your systems.
  2. Keeps insects away that could prevent you from lighting the fireplace
  3. You can always start a fire when needed if cold weather happens unexpectedly

Fireplace Maintenance

Waiting until you actually need the fireplace to do maintenance, can be more of a pain than people realize. Chimney companies are often backed up in the winter busy season and it may take longer than you’d like to schedule routine maintenance and repairs. Warm weather is the perfect time to get all those things on your “to-do list” done.  You probably won’t be needing your fireplace in summer, so using that time to do repairs is logical and good planning. 

The glass, logs, and mechanisms all need attention during any cleaning session, be sure to turn the pilot light off before cleaning. Adding new embers to a gas fireplace after it has been cleaned is a good idea so that it will be ready for future fires.


Fireplace installation Waukesha, WI

Cleaning a fireplace can be time-consuming, dirty, and at times dangerous work, that’s why calling a professional for yearly maintenance is recommended.

Fireplace Replacement

If you have had it with your old fireplace set up, summer is a great time to upgrade. The last thing you want to deal with is trying to have a fireplace replacement in winter when you really could use a warm fire. The weather could cause delays which would leave you with a costly project and construction materials in your house close to the holidays.

Thinking ahead and getting your fireplace and surround replaced ahead of time is the best bet. That way when the cool weather arrives, you’ll be ready to start that fire.

When to Call a Professional

The answer to that is, anytime you have questions about safety and maintenance. We here at Burlington Fireplace are here for all of your maintenance needs. Our techs can help you with repairs, replacements, and construction.  Give us a call today to book an appointment.

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