Fireplace & Stove Installs In Muskego WI - Also Offering Chimney Service!

Muskego WI gas fireplace install

In Muskego, WI, homeowners trust Burlington Fireplace when shopping for a new fireplace, insert, or stove, or professional chimney services. Locals know we offer you the widest selection in Waukesha County of fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and stoves from leading manufacturers. You can view more than 30 live-burning displays in our retail showroom to help you find the best heating solution for your home. In addition, our NFI-certified chimney technicians are chimney care and repair experts with years of training and experience.

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Fireplace / Stove Sales & Installs

Burlington Fireplace & Heating is a full-service shop for your fireplace and hearth needs. Throughout Muskego, WI, homeowners count on us to professionally install, maintain, and service their fireplaces and stoves. You can choose from a wide selection of wood, gas, and electric fireplaces; wood, pellet, gas, and electric fireplace inserts; and wood, pellet, and gas stoves. Or work with one of our hearth experts to design a custom fireplace. We strive to partner with you to find the perfect heating appliance to boost your home’s value, reduce your heating bills, and provide the ambiance you’re looking for. Stop by our showroom to view a selection of hearth appliances and start the conversation!

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Chimney Sweep & Inspection In Muskego WI

Muskego’s long, chilly winters can lead to large creosote buildups for fireplace owners. Our NFI-certified chimney sweeps will tackle this tough-to-remove fire hazard and ensure your fireplace is safe for the next season. While we clear creosote, soot, and obstructions out of your chimney, we will inspect it for signs of damages or paths for moisture. Internal chimney problems can quickly compound and lead to expensive repairs. Muskego residents know they can count on us for a thorough and hassle-free cleaning and inspection every year.

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Chimney Repairs

Extreme weather, natural wear, and tear, and Wisconsin wildlife can all cause chimney problems. Critters love nesting in chimneys resulting in obstructions and infestations. Chimney leaks and masonry deterioration are the most common problems for homeowners in Muskego, WI. If your chimney needs repairs, you can rely on our knowledgeable chimney technicians to skillfully restore your chimney! We can patch and rebuilt masonry chimneys, install flexible metal chimney liners, attach a chimney cap to keep out pests, and much more. If your chimney needs repairs, don’t wait to contact us! The most effective way to reduce your repair costs is to deal with chimney problems quickly.

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Solar Panel Systems Muskego WI

Driving by Burlington Fire & Heating, you can see our 24-module solar array. We are committed to promoting solar energy. That’s why we have become a one-stop store for residential and commercial solar power. We work closely with Muskego, WI homeowners, to help you design your solar energy system. The solar experts on our team will support you through every step of the process, from the shading analysis and installation paperwork to the design and final installation. We also provide solar products such as quiet portable solar generators.

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