Why Get A Linear Fireplace? - How A Fireplace Can Change Your Room

Why Designers Love Linear Fireplaces

Linear fireplaces have become darlings of many designers and architects. While homeowners love the convenience and other benefits of gas fireplaces, the fact that linear fireplaces are gorgeous, sleek, and incredibly versatile has won over residential and commercial designers. These heating appliances fit right in with stunning modern décor.  Extra-long gas fireplaces are ideal for lengthy walls matched with clean decorative and architectural lines. Learn more about linear fireplaces and why they are so popular with designers, below.

Linear Fireplace Greenfield WIWhat is a Linear Fireplace?

A linear fireplace is a rectangular gas fireplace that can be installed indoors and outdoors. Also referred to as “contemporary fireplaces,” linear fireplaces can be installed recessed or flush inside walls built with practically any building material. The rooms on each side of a wall can share the warmth and beauty of a single linear fireplace; this also works for indoor-outdoor walls.

Traditional fireplaces don’t fit with every type of design, which is why linear fireplaces are so welcome. When it comes to modern design, there are no limitations to the possibilities for adding linear fireplaces.

The most popular linear fireplaces are direct-vent models. The combustion gases are expelled through a wall-mounted vent or through the roof. No chimney required. Because of the design of direct-vent fireplaces, air from outdoors feeds the flames. About 70% of the heat generated remains indoors, to provide warmth in cold weather.

Examples of linear fireplace features follow:

  • The length of a linear fireplace can be from 3 feet to 21 feet or more.
  • Significant heating capability
  • Some have safe-touch glass
  • Zero-clearance, which means any building material is safe next to the glass front of the fireplace
  • Options for showcasing the flames include realistic logs, glass, and stone

The top benefit of linear fireplaces is their convenience. Starting these modern gas fireplaces is accomplished with the use of a remote control, thermostat adjustment, or a wall switch. The flames are turned on and off instantly, making these solid fuel heating appliances ideal for zone-heating. To zone-heat your home and cut the cost of winter utilities, turn off the central heating system and heat only the room you’re in, using the fireplace.

Fireplaces in Milwaukee WIDesign Benefits of Linear Fireplaces

Offsetting Oversized TVs

Decorators often face a dilemma because of the popularity of larger and larger flat-screen televisions that dominate wall space. Fireplaces can become diminished and lose the impact of the warmth they bring. The atmosphere created by a fireplace is unique and well-loved. It’s a shame anytime the coziness of open flames is overshadowed by technology. A linear fireplace can serve as a compliment to an oversized television, creating balance and aesthetic appeal.

Remarkable Effects

The ambiance and purpose of a room can be transformed with the addition of a linear fireplace. When classic elements are combined with a modern vibe, the result is flawless comfort. Linear fireplaces fit in perfectly with this equation. A long linear fireplace with real wood logs stacked below and a massive flat-screen television above becomes a stunning focal point.

Help Choosing a Linear Fireplace

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