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You may see our distinctive Burlington Fireplace & Solar trucks traveling in Lake Geneva WI and nearby towns providing dependable chimney repair and chimney cap installation services. We provide the best chimney sweep services, including chimney repairs, chimney rebuilds, chimney crown repair and rebuild, and much more in Lake Geneva WI as well as nearby Twin Lakes WI, Pleasant Prairie WI, Somers WI, Burlington WI, Harvard IL, Antioch IL, Lindenhurst IL, and others, including Crystal Lake IL.

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Burlington Fireplace & Solar is a family-owned, family-operated business. We are devoted to providing services of the highest quality. Our enthusiasm about fireplaces and our customers is genuine. We are always happy to help our customers, including answering any questions they may have.

Fireplace & Chimney Experts serving Lake Geneva WIChimney Sweeps

Our chimney sweeps at Burlington Fireplace & Solar are trained and certified by the National Fireplace Institute® (NFI). The safety of our clients is always the number one priority throughout our service area. Chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney repair, and all aspects of chimney service are provided by our NFI-Certified experts.

Chimney Repairs

Lake Geneva WI residents frequently contact us at Burlington Fireplace & Solar for chimney repairs. Some of the most common types of chimney repair needed include chimney liner replacement and repair, rebuild and repair of damaged masonry, and tuckpointing, in which expired masonry is removed and replaced with fresh mortar.

Leaky Chimney

A leaky chimney is one of the most common chimney problems. There are numerous causes of leaky chimneys, and damage caused by moisture is rarely obvious at the onset of the problem. Annual chimney inspections are important for various reasons, and having the benefit of a professional to identify chimney leaks is among them.

Chimney Liner Experts

When a homeowner schedules a chimney inspection with Burlington Fireplace & Solar, our chimney experts look for signs of chimney liner damage. If the chimney flue has even a small crack, the home is at risk for a dangerous home fire. When a chimney liner deteriorates, combustible parts of the home are exposed to dangerously high temperatures. A breach in the liner can also cause exposure to toxic fumes, including deadly carbon monoxide.

Fireplace & Chimney Experts serving Lake Geneva WI

Chimney Crowns

Chimney crowns are at the top of the chimney and provide protection against moisture. During chimney inspections in Lake Geneva WI, our experts carefully examine the chimney crown. If cracks have developed, sometimes repair can be done. Oftentimes, however, a chimney crown rebuild is required. Our chimney experts frequently recommend that homeowners have their chimney crown and entire exterior chimney waterproofed, as an extra layer of protection against moisture damage.

Chimney Caps & Chase Tops

A chimney chase top or chimney cap belongs at the top of every chimney flue. These essential accessories keep rain, snow, sleet, animals, birds, and debris out of your chimney. An added benefit is that a spark guard can be included, and it will prevent hot embers from igniting a fire on nearby combustibles, such as your rooftop. Downdrafts are also less of a problem, when a chimney chase top or chimney cap is installed.

Chimney Rebuilding & Restoration

At Burlington Fireplace & Solar, we also frequently provide Lake Geneva WI customers with chimney rebuilding and restoration services. Masonry can often be repaired, if problems are caught early. Once a chimney begins to lean or buckle, chimney rebuilding is necessary, at least partially. Chimney rebuilding should be entrusted to experts like our chimney technicians, since our pros understand the venting system from top to bottom.

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