Why Should I Upgrade To A Modern Day Fireplace?

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Fireplace!

If your fireplace is outdated, unsightly, or smoky, you can have a fireplace upgrade that ushers it into the 21st century. The changes you make can transform your fireplace into an efficient heat source and an eye-pleasing centerpiece in your home. You may be surprised to learn about the many possibilities available to you today when you upgrade your fireplace.

Modern Fireplace Inserts Modern Fireplaces

Thanks to the strict demands of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), any approved solid fuel heating appliance that you purchase will be highly efficient. Thanks to innovation in design, you can choose from an impressive range of styles, from rustic modern to futuristic.


There is tremendous flexibility as far as where you can have a fireplace installed in your home, thanks to the many zero-clearance (ZC) models. Zero-clearance fireplaces are pre-manufactured and can safely be installed near combustible materials such as wood and paneling. Since a buffer zone isn’t required, whether burning wood or gas, virtually any and every room of your home could be heated with ZC appliances.

If you have a zero-clearance direct vent gas fireplace, another reason for tremendous flexibility is that you can have a top, rear, or 45-degree venting system through an exterior wall. Combustion air is drawn from outside, which helps to maintain indoor air quality.

Sleek Styles

Linear gas fireplaces can be installed within walls and without the imposing structure of old that encompasses a hearth, mantel, and sometimes an entire wall. See-through designs can be used, including fireplaces that are shared between two rooms. Clean view gas fireplaces are stunning, with an open-hearth effect behind a wall of clear glass.

Glass Media

Instead of realistic faux logs in your modern gas fireplace, you can opt for a decorative glass ember bed in colors such as Glacier Ice, Black, Cobalt Blue, White, or Bronze. Contemporary natural or multi-colored rocks are more options.

Modern Gas Fireplace install in burlington wi


You can use a wall mount or programmable thermostat for control of your gas fireplace. Remote controls can be used for on/off operation and control of a fan, height of the flames, BTU adjustment, and accent lighting.

Internal electric lighting can enhance the natural appeal of flames, adding texture, depth, and luminescence to a modern gas fireplace.

Heat Barriers

If you are concerned about the safety of glass, modern options include glass heat barriers in which ambient heat is circulated into the room but the glass isn’t heated up so as to be a safety risk.

Plan Your Fireplace Project

The options for upgrading your fireplace are practically mind-boggling. From a simple mini remodel to a large project that includes vertical cabinets around a linear gas fireplace, the fireplace upgrade project you decide on can be whatever you want it to be. You may want to add a fireplace screen or glass doors to your fireplace for increased safety and efficiency. You may want to change the fireplace surround, giving it an entirely new look, with or without a mantel.

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